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They Say/I Say argues that most students lack the persuasive skills in academic writing that, in this case, makes them unable to utilize the required elements involved in good academic writing. According the authors of the book, it is vital for an academic writer first to…
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Book Review “They Say I Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing with Readings by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein
They Say/I Say argues that most students lack the persuasive skills in academic writing that, in this case, makes them unable to utilize the required elements involved in good academic writing. According the authors of the book, it is vital for an academic writer first to introduce the subject that a particular book talks about and later give their view on the topic (Gerald, (Birkenstein, and Russel, 97).
Apart from the introduction of the subject, the book also provides a summary of the aspects of the conversation that is necessary for academic writing. In addition to this, the book offers the guidance that is helpful to the students involved in academic writing for the purposes of the summary of the ideas and facts in a book (Gerald, Birkenstein, and Russel, 117). An academic writer will in this instance be able to sharpen his or her ideas. Bright ideas will make him or her learn the ways that can enable him or her express him or herself before others by using the original ideas from his or her mind. As a result, the academic writer, in this case, will develop a paper that is free from plagiarism (Gerald, Birkenstein, and Russel, 128).
Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein consider academic writing as a recent research that outlines the processes used in writing through use of short chapters and understandable languages. In this way, the authors argue that academic writing will publish quality materials through use of these elements (Gerald, Birkenstein, and Russel, 145)
Manitobas Education Policies Slows the Academic Progresses
Since the implementation of the Manitoba’s education policies in the Canadian education system, performance of the science and math’s related subjects has the worst record that also still continues to deteriorate as time continues to elapse (Behiels, 69). The results take place despite Manitoba spending on each K-12 student than any province in the country apart from Alberta (Levin, 74). Even the average student today can’t handle these subjects as was before since the introduction of the policies in the curriculum of the Canadian education. In this instance, the education authorities in the country exercised the mediocrity of the highest order in implementing the Manitoba education policies (Behiels, 87). The reason for this explanation of their level of mediocrity is that they implemented the policies without evaluating their impacts on the children. In addition to this, the officials also seem that received some bribery to ensure the implementation of the wrong education policies in the system of Canadian education. As a result, it leads to the decline of the performance taking the science and mathematics-related subjects. Such levels of mediocrity should be avoided at all cost possible by the management authorities for the benefit of the young learners who in one time will be the leaders of the days to come (Levin, 98).

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