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State Lottery was instigated on November 6, 1984 after people in California passed the California State Lottery Act of 1984. The lottery act approved the creation of a lottery. The lorttery has changed the lives of many but has also been detrimental in several instances…
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In what ways wining Ca state lottery makes you bad
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The Ca lottery and the life of a Ca. Lottery was instigated on November 6, 1984 after people in California passed the California State Lottery Act of 1984. The lottery act approved the creation of a lottery. The lorttery has changed the lives of many but has also been detrimental in several instances particularly where the winners lacked financial discipline. In this paper, I will explicate ways in which winning the Ca. State lottery is likely to devastate the life of a college student.
Students, after winning lottery, find themselves occupied in planning on how to spend the big amount of dollars since momentously acquire and possess for the first time in their lives. This weakens their mental concentration towards their studies, and this will shamble their academic performance. It is also factual that many students after winning lottery money they are subject to poor financial management and this often cause them more psychological stress hence devastating their academic progress.
Empirical research also shows that many college students who become millionaires due to lottery money have the high tendency of quitting their studies and embark on ill-advised investments. Consequently, some students end up in debt, and this may cause them being hospitalize due to the depression they undergo as a result of shock. Disparagingly, they come to realize their mistakes after exhausting the money; rather too late for any rectification action to be taken.
What’s more, recent reports have found that students who win lottery money lose trust with almost everybody including their colleagues, family members, and even their teachers. It is true that winning the big top prize could be hard to trust anyone or any new person. Consequently, one’s safety is compromised. Additionally, college students who win the big Jackpot tend to become more vulnerable, unlike before. This is because the money they possess may make them be kidnap, or even be killed, and this will automatically make the winner uncomfortable.
While lottery money helps a student to cope up with college life by empowering them financially, it ruins students by giving them enough cash to engage in drug abuse, and this money may transform these students to drug dealers. Therefore, this may cause them their live such as being killed or lifetime imprisonment for violating the state’s constitutional declarations. Therefore, if a student winning lottery money is not monitored, they may use the money to ruin their life and even the life of others.
From the above elucidations, it is ostensible that lottery money, if used well, might guarantee students financial freedom and economic development. However, it is painful to note that in most scenarios, this money is misused causing more harm than good to the winning student. The students use the money to engage in uncouth activities such as drug abuse and overconsumption on unnecessary items. They develop a culture of misappropriation and their attention shifts away from academics. Basing on this elucidation it is clear that lottery money ruins a student’s life, both at personal and at society level. For this reason, students should be discouraged from participating in lotteries as some students form irrational decisions that culminate in ruining their lives. Read More
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