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The advent of internet - Essay Example

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The advent of internet in 1990's has revolutionized our society. The advances in internet use brought in its wagon lot of issues like privacy, security, and ethical. This made the extension of information technology laws to the internet. Problems of Data Protection, Intellectual Property Rights, and Crime on the internet started rising…
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The advent of internet
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Extract of sample "The advent of internet"

Download file to see previous pages MD of the company told 'A' since she has done a module in IT Law, she can write an essay on legal issues related to practice or policies in the company. This will give 'A' working knowledge of the company and in case she detects any problems, then this can be raised with legal specialist. This company has a full order book designing and maintaining websites for small local businesses. But most work is put on its own website-
The product aims to integrate successful product genres into an engaging virtual environment. Here online, past and present students can meet, reminisce and swap files, share music, mails, graphic files and chat. But when you look this site, you can notice quickly that there is active sharing of MP3 and adult files, and gossiping about their old lecturers and colleagues. There were also complaints from lecturers regarding these comments, asking for immediate removal of material and archve.There is also an issue of old assignment solutions being circulated to present students. The student Bar has a plethora of links to other sites including deep links well inside other sites providing up to date news, games, information, hacking resources, music, gossip, and academic cheat resources sites.
Another main problem -Mr.' X 'one of the core development team member resigned over an argument over promotion. It was also found that he was selling the details of the subscribers to the site on to other agencies without the knowledge of the WWW. Now they are thinking of doing it themselves. Mr.'X' was taken, despite being renowned by his disposition to hacking, as he has worked previously in a similar site in the past. So he was considered for his expertise and he brought useful source code for the new project. There are also concerns that the recent viral attack on the site may have originated from this disgruntled employee, who is threatening to launch an identically themed site using no doubt the code he developed at WWW. The MD is aware there was no mention of intellectual property rights in the cursory job contract used for this employee. (MD notes in passing that he would welcome any idea of contract for his staff.) Some subscribers have complained that they have been approached by other organizations that appear to have information about them, which must have originated from the StudentBar.'X' who resigned over a payment and promotion row, is also demanding to see any file about him in the possession of WWW which give reasons why he was being, in his view, blocked from promotion. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Advent of Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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The level of learning and adoption, however, differs significantly among different users. This difference can be attributed to the different exposure levels to the internet or the cognitive abilities of different persons. The acquisition of the information and the use of this vast amount of information, as expected, is supposed to generate a diverse society that appreciates different cultures. On the contrary, the internet user has generated a more uniform society that tends just to copy cultures that are seen as best. This has led to a high level of uniformity in the global society instead of the expected diversity that it is supposed to generate.

The continued use of the internet and the information within it has pro...
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