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Berg talks of the relationship that he had with his aunt Jean. He describes his Aunt as a person who enjoys taking all kinds of drugs including drinking alcohol. This is largely conveyed in his statement,…
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Reaction of a article
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Death, Love and Life In his piece of writing called “Death, Love and Life,” David C. Berg talks of the relationship that he had with his aunt Jean. He describes his Aunt as a person who enjoys taking all kinds of drugs including drinking alcohol. This is largely conveyed in his statement, “after her retirement her great joy in life was spending Friday nights perched on a stool in a very nice cocktail bar, sipping martinis and calling out song titles to the piano player (279).” I tend to think that the lady loved to live a luxurious life. My favorite part of the story that the author gives is when he says that his Aunt had given him a photograph of her and her female friend. The photograph shows how the two splashes drunkenly barefoot through a fountain of Parisian in the late 1930’s. But the author’s Aunt seems careless with her life despite enjoying it.
It is clear that the author was trying to bring out the aspect of imagery in his piece of writing. What he does is to capture the attention of the readers and drive them in the world of fantasies. He opens up his narration with the following line: “As I walked down the darkened hallway of the Hospice (278).” This suggests that the environment around him seemed scarily and with a lot of tension. However, the other imagery used is during the time when the author’s aunt got drunk, in a cocktail bar, and came home at a time when the author was preparing to take a date. The Author helps her to get into bed and she barely recognized him, let alone knowing where she was. He weeps as he bends over to kiss her cheek and whisper to her saying how important she was to him and how much he loved her.
I did not like the quality of words used by the Author. Many of the words used are difficult to understand and, therefore, making it hard to follow the storyline. For instance, he uses the words “anti- climatic feeling.” After visiting his sick aunt at the hospital, he says that he wanted to avoid this kind of feeling that one gets around Christmas. I do not get the connection between the anti-climatic feeling, which he says to avoid, and his visit to the hospital.
However, the author was successful in making me feel emotionally attached to his story. He describes his Aunt in a manner that brings empathy. We find that after the husband to his Aunt dies, she becomes hopeless with life and started taking excessive alcohol and illegal drugs. At times she would get drunk and fail to recognize the author; her nephew. The author says “she turned towards me and opened her eyes. They were clouded and out of focus.” However, in my opinion the author fails to recognize his audiences. There are statements used in his writing that seems to affect the moral values of majority readers. We find that when the author plans to take a date, her Aunt says “well at least she’s pretty, but you would be a lot more fun if you were gay.” Most of the people view homosexual as violation of human dignity. Therefore, if they happened to come across such a word, they would have a negative attitude towards this piece of writing and its Author. Read More
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