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Immigration issues - Essay Example

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The paper is written by Julia Preston who is one of the advanced experts and journalist in New York Times. The central problem is remained to be border issues between…
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Immigration issues
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Extract of sample "Immigration issues"

Mexico and U.S border issues The article under consideration is d “Border Patrol Apprehensions Show a Shift in Migration Patterns”. The paper is written by Julia Preston who is one of the advanced experts and journalist in New York Times. The central problem is remained to be border issues between USA and Mexico. That is regarded as a highly important item concerning migration questions in USA and illegal immigrants. The article represents latest statistic data with the critical evaluation of the information.
The matter is that the border between Mexico and USA is considered to be one of the biggest in the world and people usually use it for the migration in the USA. Julia Preston evaluates the situation that relates to 2014 year and gives the clear statistic concerning this problem. She claims that “Mexicans remained the single largest nationality among illegal crossers” (Preston, n.p.). The number of illegal migrants is remained to be extremely high and stays for the 229,178 for the last year (Preston, n.p.). People from Mexico migrate to United States for better life and function in USA as cheap workforce.
It is relevant to admit the total number of immigrants from Mexico to USA stays for the “315,943 in the 2014 fiscal year” (Preston, n.p.). To such extend, more than two-thirds of all this these people are Mexicans (Preston, n.p.). Such situation seems to be unpleasant for the authority that deals with the migration problems. However, Preston signifies that the number of immigrants is reduced in 14 percents in comparison with the previous fiscal year (n.p.).
In addition, it is significant to mention that some executive actions of USA president have “allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States and to work without fear of deportation” (Preston, n.p.). He explains such decision as the intention to protect some immigrants and concentrate all forces on “on criminals and national security threats” (Preston, n.p). Homeland Security claims that 85 percents of all immigrants are considered to be criminals (Preston, n.p). Still, such politics of Mr. Obama have been criticized in Mexico as it is suggested that a huge number of normal families that do not deal with criminal have been deported (Preston, n.p.).
It is relevant to suggest that hard situation with border issues is laid historically. People in Mexico have been in search for the livelihoods since the end of nineteenth century (Bowden, n.p.) USA is regarded as a country that is able to suggest a helping hand. The border between USA and Mexico occupies a large area that gives bigger opportunities to cross it (Bowden, n.p.). Fence and other measures that are directed on the prevention of illegal migration leads to different implications. Still, such problem will always exist regarding this issue.
Taking all fact under consideration it can be concluded that Mexico and USA borders issues involve huge migration to the USA that is presupposed of the big border area between two countries. The problem of illegal immigration is remained to be the most relevant due to this question. Julia Preston in her article represents the actual information for the 2014 year and compares it with the previous data. The situation becomes better; still, that number of illegal immigrant is huge.
Reference List:
Bowden, Charles. “U.S.-Mexico Border.” National Geographic, May 2007. Web. 10 Feb. 2015.
Preston, Julia. “Border Patrol Apprehensions Show a Shift in Migration Patterns.” New York Times, 20 Dec. 2014. Global Issues In Context. Web. 10 Feb. 2015. Read More
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