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Anything that relate to Macroeconomic - Research Proposal Example

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General topic: Is illegal immigration beneficial to the US economy? Specific topic: Impacts of Illegal Mexican Immigration on the US Economy Introduction Illegal immigration is the act of migrating to a country by illegal means challenging the nation’s immigration laws and sovereignty…
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Anything that relate to Macroeconomic
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Download file to see previous pages It is observed that illegal Mexican immigrants are less likely to become US citizens. Mexico’s close proximity to the US and noticeable difference in the living standards or life quality between the two countries are the major reasons amplifying the rate of Mexican migration flow to the US. For many Mexican immigrants, just finding a job is the main goal of their migration to US. Statistical data indicate that the rate of illegal migration from communities all throughout Mexico to the US significantly increased during the 1980s. Undoubtedly, illegal immigration has notable effects on the US social system also. This paper will analyze whether or not the illegal Mexican immigration would benefit the US economy. History of Illegal Mexican Immigration The history of illegal Mexican immigration can be dated back to the mid-19th century. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo led to the end of Mexican-American War in 1848 and this treaty reduced the size of Mexico by 45% because Mexico was forced to surrender the land known today as California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to the United States. Following the war, Americans had to recruit many workers to build a railroad and to enhance other infrastructure development activities. For this, Americans brought roughly 55,000 migrant workers to former Mexican territories during the period 1850-1880. American leaders were happy to welcome Mexican immigrants because those immigrant workers were willing to work under harsh conditions even though they were paid substandard wages. The immigration flow to the US particularly increased from 1910 with the Mexican revolution. During this period, nearly 50,000 Mexican people migrated to the US every year in order to find a job. American leaders welcomed Mexican immigrants with open arms until they realized that the employment difficulties caused was the result of the increased Mexican immigration. In response to the public protests, the US government forcibly deported almost 2 million Mexican immigrants, including native-born Americans, to Mexico in 1929. During the time of the World War II, United States was badly in need of labors and hence the country again encouraged Mexican immigration. Based on the Bracero Program mutually agreed by US and Mexican officials, Mexican workers again migrated to the US until 1964. Since then the US government and corporations has been indirectly encouraging Mexican immigration flow so as to meet their labor needs at cheap costs. As many authors point out, there is an unspoken agreement between illegal Mexican immigrants, the US government, and corporations. Statistics of Illegal Mexican Immigrants According to the American Community Survey, 11,478,000 foreign born Mexican immigrants were residing in the US as of 2009 (as cited in border relations, n. d.). Mexican immigrants constituted 29.8% of all immigrant populations in US in the same year. As Valdes (2012) reported in CNN July 13, report published by the Pew Hispanic Center indicates that over 58% of the identified illegal immigrants in the US are Mexicans. Surveys also report that Mexican illegal immigrants mainly reside in states including California, Texas, Florida, and New York. It is observed that the Illegal Mexican population tends to concentrate in a different set of occupations as compared to other illegal population. However, nearly 1.4 million Mexicans including documented and undocumented immigrants moved ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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