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I was able to get prompt support at various times throughout the course and this ensured that I was always on the right path. Below is a…
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Reflective ment on past Performance I have significantly benefited from the program and wish to assert that thelearning experience was enjoyable as well as unforgettable. I was able to get prompt support at various times throughout the course and this ensured that I was always on the right path. Below is a breakdown in form of a reflective statement to give a comprehensive account of the learning experience.
Beginning with the online module support, it was a user friendly site that requires no illustrations to use. One only needs to log onto the site and access the needed information without a fuss. The site was also well maintained and retained its functionality at all times. This facilitated study and contributed to the preparation for the final papers.
At a personal level, the course was an eye opener to opportunities that exist for personal career growth and development. From the presentation of the course outline, it was clear that the training offered would be rigorous as well as holistic in its approach to the subject. The learning program was full of fun due to the practical activities that enabled me to learn by doing thus breaking the monotony of theory. Being able to interact freely with classmates and have meaningful discussions always made me feel valued due to the positive responses I got from colleagues. The tutors were always helpful and gave their support over and above what they were obliged to do. As a result, the course has contributed to my pursuance of the goal of attaining professional skills to ensure that I enter the job market when planned. Secondly, my goal to help disseminate knowledge has also been enhanced as I have acquired education that will propel me to teaching positions in future. Currently, I am able to share knowledge acquired through discussions with colleagues. I will build upon the training obtained to open opportunities for further studies and become a course tutor.
The course has also enabled me to practice my values in pursuance of success. Since I am a hardworking and dedicated person, I have been able to concentrate on the rigorous work so as to finish assignments in time and to read all material in the time allocated as required. I have also utilized my strengths to advance performance both in class and outside of class. In the class environment, my ability to understand learnt material and put it to practical use has tremendously improved. Each time I learn a new concept, I almost certainly evaluate how to put it into practice.
Finally, the rubric was written clearly and precisely. This enabled me to know beforehand what was required. As a result, I was able to assemble all the resources needed in good time and this ensured that I had a smooth and enjoyable learning experience. In addition, the rubric acted as a check to study activity. I used it to select the relevant material to study and plan my time depending on the complexity of a particular subject matter. By manipulating the rubric, I was able to spend my time working on the most important areas of the course and this ensured that I mastered the important sections of the course to prepare for the examinations. My success in the course is significantly dependent on the learning experience that was enjoyable and easy to accommodate.
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