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BatmanThe Dark Kninght - Article Example

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It brings a dark, adult and complex character story to the big screen in such a way few people have been able to see in a long time. The film acts as a symbol of desperation and struggle between chaos and…
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BatmanThe Dark Kninght
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Download file to see previous pages It carves a work of twisted beauty from it.
Along with the film, “the dark knight” came a soundtrack, which was equally dark, violent, tortured, and relentless. The purists of the film music may find this soundtrack to be a bit offbeat to match their tastes. Certainly, they would not be wrong. The fact about the dark knight soundtrack is it represents a highly stylized approach in the creation of a film score.
The music of Batman in the movie is iconic. While the music at the beginning of the movie is impressive, it actually does not give a comparison to what the duo have concocted when it comes to their second foray into the underbelly of the Gotham city, which is dark. Within the films context, the music assists in creating an unnerving sense of panic, chaos, dread, and fear. Zimmer and Howard help in creating a clashing dissonance for the joker that unnerves the listener.
The Salvo used in the opening “why so serious?” is one among those tracks, which are used to create a disturbing feeling in persons bones. The soundtrack utilizes strings in a dissonant way to throw the listener off balance. It further creates a sense of malice and disconnect through the shift of rhythm, which jar them violently. The only sound an individual can hear when the soundtracks come to a quasi-silence is the recreation of the heartbeat palpitating. This palpitation of the heart serves to magnify the sheer horror and terror in the movie. This track in the film is a reminiscent of some of the Philip Glass’s composition in several ways, although it is progressive in nature. In conclusion, this music is the most jarring and daring composition ever to be used in filming.
It is quite impossible to follow twisted things such as “why so serious?” but Howard and Zimmer have been able to manage and keep the wonderful thematic in progress. They have been able to roll over some of the nuances in the first track into the much more classically natured ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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