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The discussed controversial debate entails the usage of team names and costumes, which depict the culture or practices of a particular group in the American society; for instance, the…
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Lecturer Controversial Arguments and Position The paper discusses the controversies and challenges surrounding highly sensitive topics. The discussed controversial debate entails the usage of team names and costumes, which depict the culture or practices of a particular group in the American society; for instance, the Native American community (Axelrod & Cooper 257). Sporting teams of some education institutions have historically embraced the costumes and chanting slogans of Native Americans communities, in for support purposes. But, in some cases the natives have disapproved the usage of their traditional practices in sports. The controversial position taken by the Native American community led education institutions such as the Stanford University, to review the names of their teams. The move to stop the usage of Native American names, slogans and customs by sporting teams is very important. This is because sporting needs must be sensitive towards the feeling and opinions of the native communities. Adequate consent should be obtained from the leadership of the Native Communities for the usage of their traditional artifacts and practices. Consent will enhance the support and ownership of the Natives, in the sport teams.
Sticks, Stones and Sporting Team Names, illustrate the controversial issue of representing an ethnic group through the sports mascots. Cases in point are the sporting teams that were known as the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians. The ethnic sporting names were not initially aimed at disparaging the Native Americans. This is because the noble symbols represent pride and strength. But, the concept of using human societies as mascots is very dehumanizing. The mascot practices, differentiates the affected communities from the rest of the American society.
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