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How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government - Essay Example

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The essay 'How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government' answers in detail the question posed in the title, showing in which aspects information technologies can be applied in the business sphere, as well as in the work of government organizations…
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How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government
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Extract of sample "How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government"

Download file to see previous pages Internet exchanges are beneficial not just for the customers or end-users but it helps businesses to exchange and grow together. Internet-based e-commerce includes business-to-business and business-to-customer exchanges taking place. The Internet is widely used by different industries for different purposes. Businesses use the internet for advancing their objectives, for cost reduction information flow, fulfilling orders and tracking dispatches, inventory management, production planning, and enhancing customer relationships. Companies even reach their products directly to consumers through the internet. This paper will examine how the internet is being extensively used in businesses around the world in different sectors.

As the internet and information technology advanced, electronic data interchange (EDI) help improve speed and efficiency and reduce transaction costs (Hsieh & Lin, 2004). EDI automates the creation, transmission, and processing associated with routine business forms like purchase orders, invoices and payments (Sokol, 1996 cited by Nissen 2001). Businesses around the world do global procuring and sourcing. EDI shortens the cycle and order fulfillment times. Barcoding and product numbering systems have also been developed and applied particularly although not exclusively to FMCG products. The intention was to provide a unique identification of the products but they have now been extended to shipments, stock locations, and variable data (Power & Simon, 2004).

The World Wide Web is one of the most popular forms of IT today. It is an information storage system that links computer-based resources around the world. The transformation has taken place in the way exchange-related activities take place. A website that serves as a marketing and sales point is a differentiator from competitors (Zsidisin, Jun & Adams, 2000). The web removes the physical and time restrictions. Operating costs are removed as are indirect expenses. The Web also strengthens B2B and B2C relationships as product information is available through multimedia such as sound and active pictures. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government Essay, n.d.)
How the Internet is Being Used by Businesses and Government Essay.
(How the Internet Is Being Used by Businesses and Government Essay)
How the Internet Is Being Used by Businesses and Government Essay.
“How the Internet Is Being Used by Businesses and Government Essay”.
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