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It involved an accident that made me terrified regardless of escaping with minor injuries. I vowed to be careful in order to preserve my life and enjoy cycling.
It was a humid and hot afternoon. I decided…
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Something that happened to you that you wished had not happened
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An Unfortunate Event I vividly remember an occurrence last year that I wish never happened. It involved an accident that made me terrified regardless of escaping with minor injuries. I vowed to be careful in order to preserve my life and enjoy cycling.
It was a humid and hot afternoon. I decided to go for a ride despite the fact that the radio station had reported a traffic problem in the neighborhood. I not only wanted to exercise, but also to enjoy the scenic beauty in the neighborhood. In addition, a significant period had elapsed before riding a bike. I took the mountain bike outside the garage, dusted it and began cycling. I also put on my helmet to avoid possible accidents.
I saw a truck moving towards the same direction as me. It was moving quite slowly due to the traffic congestion caused by a water pipe that had burst. The cyclists were moving faster than motorists were as they could find space to maneuver. I was enthusiastic as I approached the truck knowing that I will just have to pass between it and another SUV on the side. Suddenly, the truck started moving faster while changing its direction. I was sandwiched between it and the SUV. I could not move forward or backward. As the truck and SUV began moving forward, I could feel them on my body. They drivers could not notice, as they were keen on moving forward. I remember leaving the bicycle at the location and jumping on the bonnet of the SUV. I survived the ordeal and vowed to be more careful in my future cycling endeavors. Read More
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