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About Business - Personal Statement Example

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This should contain my favorite subject which is Business Studies. My unique mix of business skills combined with the love for Mathematics will definitely enable me to achieve my goal…
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About Business
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Extract of sample "About Business"

PERSONAL MENT PERSONAL MENT My zeal and desire is to follow a which enables me to propagate my hobbies. This should contain my favorite subject which is Business Studies. My unique mix of business skills combined with the love for Mathematics will definitely enable me to achieve my goal of running business efficiently with well calculated profits.
My passion for Business spanned from my young age. I had a passion of saving with an aim of starting a business one day in my lifetime just as my father. My father was very keen to ensure that I saved some cash that he gave to me. My keen interest on the functionality of the business soared as I began to study Business in my GCSE level. I become more enthusiastic on every aspects of Business across the globe.
My father who owns real estate’s with over ten employees has been a bigger inspiration for my zeal for business. He has made me to assist him in the management of the business and this has enabled me to deeply understand the management of business finances and the taskforce required for the business to be successful. My zeal for business has enabled me to own photocopying business at the vicinity of the college. The business is doing well and this demonstrates that I have the correct attitude towards my career.
As depicted in my zeal I have always remained focused on harnessing my business developments and I have a deep conviction that the small beginnings and more knowledge on Business studies will enable me to be a key player in the Business Industries. Read More
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