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Culture - Essay Example

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For this reason, it means that culture is an in-depth aspect that affects the manner in which a particular group of people lives in the society. In this regard, my culture is defined by my origin…
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Download file to see previous pages I also realized that I belong to this cultural group because I abide by its beliefs and customs, which determines the way of life that we practice on a daily basis.
Before analyzing how this culture affects my life, it is crucial to define vast aspects of our culture and how it is practiced. Firstly, the Hispanic, Mexican culture is strongly based on family matters where everyone in the family becomes his brothers’ keepers (Merrim 150). The above is depicted by the fact that the Mexican families are very wide open and largely spread outside of the cities within; thus, we care for each other and live as one society. This aspect positively affects my life because it planted a seed of care in my daily life practices. For this reason, it means that by being a part of this culture, I have become a caring person who is always concerned about issues faced by friends, family, and the entire society.
Prior to living together and caring for each other as a family, we also love celebrations and feasts that occur subsequently during the year. These parties and celebrations unite the extended families, who are usually invited to the celebration venues (156). These celebrations are highly embraced because they remind us of the past times and at the same time remind us the reason for embracing values and customs. In this regard, the celebrations positively affect my sense of originality and roots because it offers me a platform of knowing who I am. More so, these celebrations increase my patriotism because it gives me the reason to love my background.
The other culture that we adhere to is the family setting, where the father is considered as the head of the family, or the authority of the home (198). The mother is perceived as the home manager, who runs the home. This cultural practice has slightly been affected by globalization because women currently engage in vast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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