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Is a college education worth it Pro paper - Thesis Example

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College education is one of the reasons for such arguments because information has become more available than it has ever been and…
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Is a college education worth it Pro thesis paper
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Extract of sample "Is a college education worth it Pro paper"

Your Full Your Section Number Is a College Education Worth of It? Daily technologies are going further changing habitual environment, quality of life and attitudes, what causes disputes about various topics. College education is one of the reasons for such arguments because information has become more available than it has ever been and instructional values have been drastically modified. Consequently, the question about rationality of spending fortune of money on education when it is possible to get most of the information in web space is asked more often. However, numerous researches prove that in spite of the expenses required for gaining sufficient educational background, benefits of college education beat financial difficulties that should be overcome in order to profit.
College education allows making life more comfortable, successful and prosperous which is explained by directly proportional correlation of taken time/ trouble and further well-being. As a proof, comparing people who start working at once after school graduation and those ones who spend additional four years for gaining qualifications Baum, Ma and Payea investigated the following: “As workers age, earnings rise more rapidly for those with higher levels of education. For example, the gap between the earnings of full-time workers whose highest degree is bachelor’s degree and those of high school graduates grows from 54% ($15,200) for 25 - to 29-year-olds to 86% ($32,000) for 45- to 49-year-olds”(5). Entering a college, students obtain skills and abilities required to that area which is chosen for their future professions what makes them more appealing to the employers and what makes them more competitive in comparison with those who missed college education. Besides the qualification itself, students are learning to make researches, to work on improvement of those basics that they are proposed, to challenge common believes, to introduce their knowledge to real life. Even though someone may contradict that there is also such a thing like self-education that does not suppose being officially a student in some college, unfortunately, statistics can prove that self study carries to success only in exceptional cases.
Making a decision on the necessity of entering the college it is not enough to be ruled by self-interest because willing to live in a better society, it is everyone’s obligation to make a contribution to that. According to the research of Baum and Payea, “in addition to increasing material standards of living, reduced poverty improves the overall well-being of the population. … In addition, adults with higher levels of education are more likely to engage in organized volunteer work, to vote, and to donate blood; they are more likely to be in good health and less likely to smoke; and they are less likely to be incarcerated” (9). If an individual gets college education, there are more chances to get a job with further possibilities to climb career ladder that explains why the more there are educated people, the less there is a rate of committed crimes, which makes a great change in consciousness of each person. Education encourages to develop such qualities as tolerance, open mindedness and objectiveness affecting people’s interactions in a positive way and being a guarantee of mentally healthy society; and it is well known that a sound mind in a sound body. There was a research that had a target to check if college education may somehow influence age of life and its result proves that educated people live longer, what improves nation’s index of physical health as well as mental one. So, following all the above mentioned facts, it would not be quite right to study the impact of education separately for individuals and for the whole society because these two concepts directly depend on each other.
Studying the subject of relevancy to strive for college education, it should be understood that evaluating society needs a sharp wit and in order to succeed it is the must to shape minds to thinking processes through educational system. Moreover, as there are obvious benefits of the current results regarding the consequences originated from attending colleges. Even though all people are constantly improving themselves, still the level of improvement is reliant on the foundation that is built up from the very beginning, what is reflected in the cited examples of this paper. Summarizing the whole idea of college education, it is not possible to skip or to omit this part in the process of the personhood achievement and socialization because each separate person writes the world’s history.
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Baum, Sandy, Jeninifer Ma and Kathleen Payea. “The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society.” Education Pays: Trends in Higher Education Series (2013): 5. College Board. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. Read More
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