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Benefits of Waiting to Go To College after High School - Research Paper Example

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Running head: College vs. High school Benefits of Waiting to Go To College after High School Insert Name Insert Insert October 4, 2011 OUTLINE Introduction -Thesis Benefits of waiting to join college after High School Challenges of waiting to join college after high school Conclusion Annotated bibliography Benefits of Waiting to Go to College after High School Introduction Education plays an important role in shaping the lives of individuals…
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Benefits of Waiting to Go To College after High School
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Download file to see previous pages Individuals with quality basic education are capable of managing themselves and their families. Basic education can be regarded as education up to the completion of high school level. After completing high school education, one has two options from which to make a decision. The individual can opt to take on employment opportunities for the high school graduates. Similarly, the individual can opt to proceed to college to pursue a four-year degree course. The college education adds value to the skills and expertise of the individual and it is apparent that after college, the individual is likely to earn far much more than high school graduates do. College education gives a student competitive advantage over the high school graduates (University of North Texas, para.2). However, this is only to the extent that the student has adequate financial and psychological preparation for the college study. Having chosen to proceed to college, an individual is again faced with two options. The student can proceed to the college immediately after high school. Traditionally, it is expected that students should proceed with their college education immediately after high school. ...
Rather, the student is, in several occasions, compelled to take a break before joining college in order to make some financial preparation. The two options of joining college immediately after high school or waiting for some time before joining college each has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of one translate into the disadvantages of the other option. However, it will be apparent that given the sound grounds upon which a students waits for some time before joining college, this can be a good option. This paper holds that in as much as it has been traditionally adopted that students should proceed to college immediately after high school, it may not be appropriate to do this on weak financial grounds. Taking on employment first would be better. Thesis Although tradition expects students to go to college directly after high school, it does not make financial sense given today’s economic climate. Benefits of waiting to join college after High School It has been observed that after completing high school education, a student may wait for some time before joining college for undergraduate studies. This waiting has a number of advantages to the student and the responsible members of the family (parents, guardians, or sponsors). Firstly, college education is increasingly becoming expensive. The tuition fee and other expenses in these institutions are far much higher than the expenses in high school education. After struggling to finance the child’s education right from Kindergarten all the way to the high school, and given the harsh financial climate that currently rocks the globe, it may be cumbersome to have the child proceed to college education. If the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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