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At the same time, the article seeks to establish how the environmental factors affect individual involvement in physical activities and exercise. It is clearly stated in the introductory…
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Sports participation and happiness affiliation Purpose: The study aims to establish the effect of physical activity, on ones wellbeing or happiness. At the same time, the article seeks to establish how the environmental factors affect individual involvement in physical activities and exercise. It is clearly stated in the introductory part of the article within the research questions
A hypothesis gives one direction during the study, it guides the researcher to keep on course and enhance the accuracy of the research. Thus, in a situation where there is no hypothesis, there is a possibility of some deviation from the purpose of the study hence the findings may lose the precision and accuracy that is necessary for the viability of the findings.
The public who are the major focus of the study are the major participants. They are further sub grouped basing on their age, race se occupation and knowledge on the importance of physical activity. In addition, the center for disease prevention and behavioral risk factor surveillance system. These two groups in the study play a pivotal role in reaching out to the people while administering the questioners. They are likely to reach a large number of people for the fact they are already established with a program in place that involves annually data collection. Thus, they just needed to add into their questionnaire a section that focus on physical activity and the level of happiness.
Constructs measured:
The researchers utilizes the qualitative method of study. This was achieved by use of questioners and interaction with the people in the community. A number of variables were used in the study to determine the effect of activity on one’s happiness in different people. Some of the variables involved included sex, age, marital status, occupation, race, and physical wellbeing. Either observation or subjective reporting measures the effect of variables on one’s involvement in physical activity.
Design/ Procedure:
The study is a qualitative study that utilizes the use of questionnaires to obtain information from the participants. There is also a retrogressive study of the participants to establish the relationship of the variables with their involvement in physical activity and the outcome of the involvement.
From the study, it is evident that physical activities plays a great role in promoting ones wellbeing. Apart from keeping the lifestyle diseases at bay, it increases the general happiness in one’s life. This is achieved through mood elevation after a sporting activity and elevated self-esteem from the achievements in the activity. A number of factors predetermines physical activity participation by an individual. To begin with, there is an increased probability of one participating in physical activities when there are increased numbers of recreational facilities. This has been established after a close study on the number of people involved in physical activity from areas with these facilities and those that do not have the facilities (Huang & Humphreys, 2010).
In addition, availability of instructors in the area plays a great role in determining the involvement of people in physical activities. Thus, despite the fact that people might be having the knowledge on the importance of physical activity involvement, they still need to have facilities and if possible, instructors to further enhance their involvement.
Due to the fact that physical activity has a number of effects on the society that include an increased level of wellbeing and prevention from lifestyle diseases. Thus, the physical activity has far much reaching effects on people a factor that calls for improved initiatives in the bid to promote the wellbeing of the people. This includes an increased number of recreational facilities and instructors in the community. This will enhance increased number of people accessing these facilities, which in the end will lead to a healthy community.
The article has a comprehensive study on the effect of physical activity on ones wellbeing. It is likely to encourage one to engage in physical activity after aiming the insisting how important and helpful physical activities are. Lastly the article through its analysis, and conclusion, reaffirms the fact that availability of resources is necessary to ensure that the community gets involved.
Huang, H., & Humphreys, B. R. (2010). Sports participation and happiness: Evidence from US microdata. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33, 776–793.
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