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There are several differences in the educational experience for a student who might be studying in United States versus a student studying in United Arab Emirates. Most of these differences exist as a result of the differences in the cultures of these nations. Education in…
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Study In US Vs. UAE There are several differences in the educational experience for a whomight be studying in United States versus a student studying in United Arab Emirates. Most of these differences exist as a result of the differences in the cultures of these nations. Education in United States has taken more of a student focused approach, while in the UAE the educational format is more teacher focused (Bahgat 129). This means that in United States students are promoted to indulge more in class and they are the ones who are taken into consideration while devising curriculum. In the US, students are allowed to be active participants rather than passive ones. They are allowed to question the teacher and are more involved in group discussions. On the other hand, education in UAE revolves around the teacher and the educational institutes. In such universities students are expected to follow a conformist style of education where they are expected to belief that what they are being taught is accurate and enough for them. Furthermore, there is even a major difference in the teaching methods of both the educational arenas. In the United States students are involved more in application based learning, while in the UAE students are expected to focus on the books and application is given no or very less importance. Furthermore, the people studying in the educational institutes of US experience a diverse range of students who belong to both eastern and western cultures, while students of UAE educational institutes mostly belong to Eastern regions.
Works Cited
Bahgat, Gawdat. "Education in the Gulf Monarchies: Retrospect and Prospect." International Review of Education/internationale Zeitschrift Fuer Erziehungswissenschaft/revue Internationale De Leducation. 45.2 (1999): 127-36. Print. Read More
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Compare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5.
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