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Case study of The United Arab Emirates youths (UAEU) between modernity and traditionalism - Essay Example

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1- Knowledge: What is the focus of the research? Or, what was the question in this piece? Were there any assumptions? The focus of the research is to assess the values held by the students of the United Arab Emirates University and to review the impact of socio-demographic factors on their values…
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Case study of The United Arab Emirates youths (UAEU) between modernity and traditionalism
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Extract of sample "Case study of The United Arab Emirates youths (UAEU) between modernity and traditionalism"

Download file to see previous pages To determine the available opportunities for young UAE nationals for the sole purpose of the implementation of processes that aim to replace the expatriate workforce with UAE nationals it is critical to determine their priorities in terms of religious and cognitive values. This is, as a matter of fact, what this study aims to do. 3- What was / were the methods used? The methodology of the study comprised the use of a questionnaire to conduct the research. An instrument of value structure was used to measure the values among UAEU students. Scores of each item took 0 and 3, where a score of 0 represented no choice and higher grades would indicate more choice. The numbers of items used were 60 pairs and they were used to measure individual differences on this instrument. 4- How large was the sample? The sample consisted of 595 students all of who were from UAEU. The selection process for these students was random and approximately 59 percent of them were female students, while the rest were male. Furthermore 81 percent of them were less than 25 years old and 84 percent of them were UAE nationals. 5- Interpretation: what were the results? The results of the study were relatively straightforward. The first priority amongst domains for a UAE national was that of religion; aspects of praying, believing, Quran reading and charity ranking the highest. The second priority was the cognitive domain which comprised of aspects of culture, success and aspiration ranked the most. The political domain came in as the third priority. With nationality, unity and freedom ranked at the top. The forth priority was the aesthetic domain. The students held aspects of elegancy as the most important value in this domain. The Social domain came next with obedience, friendship and forgiveness given the most rating. And the last domain was that of economic values, with productivity being the first priority for the UAEU students. 6- Synthesis: what were the conclusions? As an overall conclusion of the research paper which evaluates the social values of a UAEU national through the use of a questionnaire the results produced indicate that religious and cognitive values were prioritized by the respondents In order to explore the importance of these socio-demographic factors in explaining the variation of values, multiple regression was used. The results of which display that gender, income, family size and father’s education explain about (11 percent) of social values variation and citizenship, GPA, gender variables explain about (8 percent) of religious values variation. Hence showing that gender, income levels, family size and father’s occupation were the most important factors in?uencing values. 7- Evaluate: how valid do you think the research was? The validity of a research hinges on the fact whether it measures what it sets out to. Looking at the objectives of this study what its sole aim is to appraise the values held by the United Arab Emirates University students and to assess the influence of socio-demographic factors on their values. That being said once we analyze the methodology, sample and the produced results we can effectively conclude that the research is credible in its findings and hence valid. 8- Evaluate: What is your response to the result? What has it contributed to your understanding? After going through the results I have come to the realization that the priorities of a UAE national hinge more towards the traditional side than the modern. With factors such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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