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I have decided to research on the effects of internet to publishers, writers, creative thinkers and readers. In my paper I will research on how invention of internet has contributed to…
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Brainstorming for Research Proposal
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Research Proposal: Impact of Internet Technology in Publishing Industry The internet has resulted in both positive and negative impacts in the publishing industry. I have decided to research on the effects of internet to publishers, writers, creative thinkers and readers. In my paper I will research on how invention of internet has contributed to the growth of the publishing industry; effects in publishing industries if the internet fails; impact of internet in education sector; marketing published items on the internet. I will also conduct a research on how internet can be improved to benefit publishing industries.
I am going to use a book Impact of electronic publishing written by David J Brown and Richard Boulder-stone. The writers discuss the consequences of electronic publishing and recommends on how publishers, writers and readers can assess electronic materials. Three Views of the internet written by Ann Marie and Wendy Wicks is another book that I will put into consideration since it has articles about the use of internet in publishing Industry. In addition, I will combine books and an eBook: The misuse of information systems by John P D’Arcy and Encyclopedia of Internet technologies and applications by Mario marques respectively.
Other relative important articles that I have found helpful in doing the research include: Impact of Technology in Publishing by Hanna Ronte; impact of internet in the newspaper industry by George Wilbert.; and Effects of Information Technology on the Publishing Industry by Otuoma Sanya. The above articles will provide information on impacts of internet technologies in different publishing sectors. The articles will also provide information on how the internet has benefited and advanced publishing.
Many questions have emerged on the effects of internet publishing. I am actually confused and wondering how publishers and writers earn yet their work is downloaded free from the internet unless in some few cases like in Amazon where books are sold. I tend to think that the amount of money used by a reader in downloading the materials is shared among the internet administrators, publishers and writers. Many writers are earning a lot of money through posting their creative work.
I wonder what the internet has done to publishing industries. Yes electronic publishing has made the process simple and flexible. Nevertheless, I wonder about what effect internet has resulted in publishing hand cover books. Companies producing raw materials for publishing company are operating on losses since the printing of books is getting lower every day. I wonder what the workers are undergoing after they are sent home due to low printing services.
I wonder what will happen to the publishing industries if one day internet fail. Will the company restore its traditional methods of printing? Where will the workers come from, yet they were sacked indefinitely. What will follow if governments put censorship of internet like China? What are the effects of internet in education sector? In education internet has contributed much in the research project.
I am wondering about the effect of internet in eReading since new sysytems such as wifi and mobile phones technology has been invented. In real sense, internet has eased learning since all educational materials are found on websites and pages. Use of mobiles phones has reduced cost used in acquiring a computer. For this reason, internet has improved education sectors through providing relevant materials for learning.
In conclusion, the internet has more positive than negative impacts since if it is withdrawn, many publishing companies and websites such as amazon will collapse. In education sector, internet has provided a major role as far as providing learning materials is concerned. Therefore, internet technology has contributed to development in publishing tand should be adopted in every economic sector.
Works Cited
Brown, D. J. Impact of electronic Publishing. Muchen: K.G Suar. 2008. Print. Read More
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