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Reading and Writing about Research - Essay Example

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Working with peer-reviewed articles it is necessary to remember that for writing them the author had analyzed a lot of information and formulated his own view on the described problem. The most significant barrier in my opinion is the volume of the article which often prevents…
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Reading and Writing about Research
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Extract of sample "Reading and Writing about Research"

Research Working with peer-reviewed articles it is necessary to remember that for writing them the had analyzed a lot of information and formulated his own view on the described problem. The most significant barrier in my opinion is the volume of the article which often prevents from extracting the main message and the author`s personal conclusions regarding the topic. Peer-reviewed articles are mostly composed of quotes and are rich in in-text references and this certainly distracts reader`s attention. The language saturated with definitions and terms can also become a serious barrier in article analysis.
Writing about what you read in a peer-review article is challenging because copying author`s thoughts is a simple plagiarism while paraphrasing ideas without losing general sense is quite complicated. Making text coherent and readable is another barrier in writing. It is important to remember that the essay must include smooth transitions, linking words to be comprehensive. Moreover, it is necessary to not only paraphrase the material but also analyze it which requires critical thinking.
Gaining more experience is probably the only effective method in working with peer-reviewed articles. The more you read, analyze, and see how the text is structured, the easier it is to get used to original articles and their peculiar manner of information presentation. The more you write reviews on such articles the more coherent and precise your language becomes. However, it is also important to develop attention to details and check up all the references to understand the article better. Read More
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