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Write about going back to school after winter vacation - Assignment Example

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This is the time for which great plans are usually made and which promises having rest after studying. All in all, everyone feels excited about it. Based on my personal experience, after vacation, feelings are…
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Write about going back to school after winter vacation
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Download file to see previous pages ing to studying is a real challenge mostly because it is not so easy get back into routine and start to do almost all the things on schedule to be able to make everything in time. I believe it is difficult and even unusual not only for me but for other students as well judging by perplexity one can read on their faces during the first week after vacation.
On the other hand, going back to school after winter vacation has its own charm. I like it because I have not seen some of my friends since the last day of studying, and the first day after vacation is a happy time for me. I had quite a nice time during winter vacation, and I wanted to share news and describe everything that happened to me. Also, I was glad to hear about my friends’ experiences. Finally, going back to school after winter vacation is exciting for me as I am full of energy and eager to study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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