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Whittier Narrows Nature Center Field Project - Essay Example

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It is the closest Nature Center compare to the others. I live in Monterey Park, and Whittier Narrows Nature Center is located at 1000 N. Durfee Avenue, South EL Monte, only 7miles…
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Whittier Narrows Nature Center Field Project
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Extract of sample "Whittier Narrows Nature Center Field Project"

Download file to see previous pages The Nature Center is open from 8am-5pm Tuesday – Sunday. It is also free to enter the nature center. It surprised me a lot because most of the nature parks in China usually have to pay for the ticket. The latitude of the park is 34° 2 3" N and longitude is 118° 2 43" W. The San Gabriel River and Rio Hondo flow through Whittier Narrows only a mile apart. There are a lot of activities you can do at Whittier Narrows Nature Center, such as hikes, walks, bicycle riding,guide-led natural tour, nature day camps and a bird walk. There is also a wheelchair accessible trail available as well. When I first arrived to the park, I walked around a circle from entrance A to F. There were a lot of interesting things to see.
The landscape of the Whittier Narrows is flat, dry and monotonous. The center is also bordering the San Gabriel River, this 400 acre preserve of riparian woodland features 4 lakes. If you visit there during summer, many plants and animals can be found in a wetland community. The two rivers San Gabriel and Rio Hondo River flows through the area and they are only a mile apart from one another (David and Guyette 79). San Gabriel River drains the second largest water in Los Angeles while Rio Hondo is a stream that only flows during the rainy season. The floor of the area is filled with the silt, sand, and gravel that are transported from the rest of the watershed north of the gap.
When I visited the area, the temperatures of the day was around 86°F, the sky was cloudless, humidity was 7 percent, wind speed was 5 mph and it was flowing towards the northern direction. Over the course of the season, the temperatures varies from 48°F to 80°F, in few occasions it goes below 42°F and above 85°F, during that day, the temperatures were above the normal temperatures (David and Guyette 79).
The climate of Los Angeles is moderate; it is similar to Mediterranean climate, the rainfall changes depending on the season, the summers are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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