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English 101 Young Goodman Paper - Essay Example

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Nathaniel Hawthorne structures his short story Young Goodman Brown into three distinct parts each of which is vital to the thematic issues in the plot. The first part of the story presents a jovial and sociable Goodman Brown. The section of the story shows a seamless integration…
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English 101 Young Goodman Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The third section of the story is once again back in the society. Brown is a changed individual owing to his experience in the forest. He is sad, stern and distrustful. The change in his attitude arises from his loss of faith in humanity as the discussion below portrays.
The story is one of self-scrutiny and self-determination. At first, Goodman Brown is a normal member of the society who shares the Puritan beliefs. However, the nigh experience in the forest is symbolic to Christianity’s self-exploration. In the dream like setting, Brown acquires a new view of both himself and his society. Unfortunately, his experiences and understanding of humanity in the forest is troubling. Additionally, the trip into the forest precedes Brown’s three months of marriage a duration within which he had begun doubting some of the basic features of life and faith in his society.
At the end of the forest experience, Young Goodman Brown loses faith in a number of social features including salvation, human goodness, faith, salvation and his wife all of which are fundamental features that contributes to the development of a peaceful and cohesive society, like the one he lived in prior to his trip in the forest. In the forest, Brown witnessed most of the town’s people including his wife exhibit peculiar traits such as those exhibited by witches. The experience affects his psychological stability. He becomes withdrawn and refuses to greet his wife immediately he returns to the town in the morning. Losing faith in his wife was among the most basic portrayal of his loss of faith and disbelief in the basic social institutions. He begins interacting with people in the society as though strangers (Hawthorne 7).
Young Goodman Brown becomes distrustful, stern and sad because he loses faith in humans owing to the experiences if acquired while in the forest. He loses faith in humanity owing to the high level of hypocrisy he sees. This portrays the fall of man and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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