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Writing with your senses - Essay Example

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Firstly a little green sprout makes the way out of the ground, but by the time we see the ovary of bud, its leaves will be already huge “paws”, barely quietly rustling in the wind. The undemanding plant at this time may grow higher than the average person`s height. Bud…
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Writing with your senses
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Extract of sample "Writing with your senses"

Helianthus Annuus This story is dedicated to the of sun-loving flower - sunflowers. Why sunflower, not elegant white rose, not purple lush peony and not modest blue bell? Is he not worthy of attention?
Firstly a little green sprout makes the way out of the ground, but by the time we see the ovary of bud, its leaves will be already huge “paws”, barely quietly rustling in the wind. The undemanding plant at this time may grow higher than the average person`s height. Bud blooms with yellow petals. Mid of a flower is of slightly another color. It can be interspersed with green or dark points. Its petals are gentle to the touch, unlike leaves, which are a little rough, but to frustrate a yellow petal “in memory” of a young sunflower requires making an effort of you. The leaves of the plant are not as glossy as a rose has.
Aroma of a flower is not strong, but unobtrusive and fresh. After trying “to find” it, you find out your nose, painted with yellow pollen. Sunflower always is "happy" to see the sun. In the morning it deploys his yellow “head” behind the sun, eagerly catching its rays with its all petals. The whole field can “look” in one direction. In the evening, after seeing the sun goes over the horizon, sunflower becomes “sad”, lowering his big hat and looking at the ground.
Now we just have to taste the seeds. By this time the flower can already lose its petals and becomes “clumsy”, hard hat makes it to look at the ground. The best way to reach the sunflower seeds is from the edge – to break off solid petals and clear the way. It may happen that they are a little sticky, and you can be “lucky” and seeds will tint you fingers in blue-black color. As you can see, sunflower is truly beautiful and wonderful plant. Read More
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(Writing With Your Senses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Writing With Your Senses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Writing With Your Senses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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