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The sector that has seen the greatest change with regard to this is the mobile phone sector. Numerous mobile phones have come up to replace the analogue…
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Smart Phones
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Smart Phones Over the past few decades, the technological environment has seen numerous changes with regard tothe gadgets that people use. The sector that has seen the greatest change with regard to this is the mobile phone sector. Numerous mobile phones have come up to replace the analogue ones and the new digital phones are smart phones (Nelson, 2012). It is critical to go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of these mobile phones in order to gain a deeper understanding.
One of the advantages of these mobile phones is that they have more capabilities when compared to the other mobile phones (Cheney, 2012). Previous phones only had basic functions of calling, messaging and the use of the calculator. However, smart phones have the ability to visit internet pages and even make video phone calls.
Another advantage of smart phones is the fact that it is convenient. The contemporary world is laden with different issues and having a smart phone is one very reputable thing. With a smart phone, looking for information on the internet is very simple and one has the ability to solve various issues instantaneously (Stafford, 2009).
There are very many disadvantages with regard to smart phones and one of them is regarding the price of the gadgets (Chen, 2011). The price of normal mobile phones is very low but since the integration of smart phones, the prices have changed. The fact that these phones have many applications makes their prices higher than that of normal phones.
Another disadvantage of the mobile phones is with regard to their sensitivity. Smart phones have the reputation of being very sensitive as compared to other normal mobile phones and this leads to their ease in breakage. It is critical to understand that despite the widespread positive regards for the smart phones, they are also very weak.
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