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Writing assignment either #1 or #2 - Essay Example

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The internet is part of their life and they depend on it in almost all their tasks. According to John Zogby, they engage and interact worldwide and more than half have traveled abroad. Most of them were born between…
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Writing assignment either #1 or #2
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Extract of sample "Writing assignment either #1 or #2"

Individuals and Global Online Communities ‘First Globals’ are people who frequently use the internet. Theinternet is part of their life and they depend on it in almost all their tasks. According to John Zogby, they engage and interact worldwide and more than half have traveled abroad. Most of them were born between 1979 and 1991. They feel the American culture is superior to other cultures of other people. Most are aware of open borders like fashion, social networking, and the internet. The world is their playing field and they live and work in a foreign country at some point in their lives. This group of people does not rely on facts, but by their awareness and have a world full of choices. They have changed the workplace by branding businesses by finding time to surf, check out for good deals at e-Bay, and maintain social networks.
Global connectivity is already taking place and has changed the way individuals communicate with other people. The amount of information shared and the speed at which the transmission of information takes place is on the increase. This has led to the high efficiency and reduction of costs. In addition, global connectivity has led to an easier and faster way of connecting with friends and relatives. Individuals also make new friends and new business connections. Online communication support local identities and relationships, therefore making interactions easier among individuals who are mutually aware of each other. Individuals go online to search for research information that they can get in real time information through instant chats. For example, teachers can use this to facilitate discussions in classrooms. On the other hand, students can use the internet as an ultimate online textbook and they no longer need to pick many textbooks from the library. An individual can market a new product or service and can spread the advertising through social networking platforms free. The negative implications of global connectivity include the elimination of face-to-face socialization. It is easy to ignore or be rude to other people when having a conversation, but it is easy to filter unwanted people from making connections. Moreover, individuals find harassment, therefore; parents need to filter the internet content through parental control. Lastly, there is the risk of fraud or identity theft where the internet is available to anyone and thieves may steal an individual’s personal information and impersonate persons.
Global connectivity has changed the way in which individuals interact and share information. Nonetheless, it has the negative as well and may result in long-term consequences. While most individuals feel that their personal data is safe because of the high levels of security, research shows that this is not true for some individuals can hack the internet and get vital personal information. Moreover, global connectivity brings people together across the internet, but on the other end can create social isolation. Individuals spend a lot of time on social networks. They experience less face-to-face interaction. In many cases, isolation leads to emotional and psychological problems. Social networking sites are here to stay and it is an individual’s responsibility to decide on the extent of limitation websites’ use. It is important to use the social networking sites responsibly to encourage the benefits they create other than the drawbacks. Read More
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(Writing Assignment Either #1 or #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
“Writing Assignment Either #1 or #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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