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Lean thinking game - Assignment Example

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Allocating 2 members at operation 2, 2 members at operation 3 and 2 members at warehouse are what the team has decided. The remaining members have been allocated throughout the game between…
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Lean thinking game
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Extract of sample "Lean thinking game"

Download file to see previous pages The production system seemed to be push system where the master production schedule 1 has been followed in this round. U-Shaped layout has been implemented at the beginning of the game.
The allotments of the members were same as in the round one. The further additions to the round two were that there were some changes in the inspection criteria. The inspection of the quality was done along the line instead at the end. With the inspections being done along with the operations the lines where encouraged to pace up the process. The speeding up of the operations certainly reduced the cycle time of the station.
Significant changes have been made to the operations of the process. Long pull was introduced between the operations. The team has decided to use Mini heat treat unit in round 3. Additionally, the team decided to cut off the quality control and move forward to total quality control; that means eliminating all the possible defects from the process rather than identifying the defects by the end of the process. The observations of the end of the round 3 of the game concluded the following results.
With the lack of alignment with production and demand the over production of the product will occur which can be seen in every round of the game. The production of the product shall be designed so as to fulfill the demand so that there shall be no over production in the upcoming rounds. The over production also occurred due to the lack of knowledge of inventory. With the proper transfer of the knowledge as where the inventory is present in the process and how much work is to be done on each of the station then the over production can be reduced to the minimum. With the control in the over production of the products the direct costs shall decrease along with the overheads and shall be beneficial. The production system shall be Kanbaan where the product is produced as per the demand of the customers and the demand of the next ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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