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Principles of Time and Stress Management - Assignment Example

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This study presents such principles (rules) of time and stress management as making a list of things to accomplish today; have a place for everything and keep everything in its place; prioritize the tasks; do one important thing at a time but several trivial things simultaneously etc…
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Principles of Time and Stress Management
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Extract of sample "Principles of Time and Stress Management"

Download file to see previous pages Based on the facts presented in the case, there is no evidence linking organization in which Chet works, Norris Company to his level of stress. Norris Company has a perfect structure with effective reporting chain hence providing every employee with room for growth and development. Every employee knows clearly his/her supervisor in addition to roles and responsibilities. Therefore, Chet’s level of stress is unrelated to the organizational (structural) problems of Norris Company. Instead, such stress level is his making. Some of the personal characteristics that are likely to interfere with Chet’s productivity and contribute to his level of stress include emotional intelligence, cognitive style, personal values, orientation towards change, and core self-evaluation. Chet does not seem to be in a perfect mood and sense in managing himself as well as a relationship with others. The lack or insufficiency of emotional intelligence is seen on how he casually relates to people within the firm. He is of very little concern. No wonder, when he was asked to go through the project he has done very little on the same. In addition, his personal values and cognitive style may cause the decrease in productivity whilst increasing the level of stress. Actually, Chet does not seem to be having the zeal of gathering and processing information, especially on assigned tasks. In any case, Chet’s orientation towards change is not very clear within the case. Therefore, these are personal characteristics with a possibility of affecting productivity and level of stress that Chet is currently experiencing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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