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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the factors that lead to smoking and alcohol consumption and the effects of the same on the human body…
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Factors That Lead To Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
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As I deliberated and contemplated on which topic to choose for my project, I decided to write about something that will bring me complete fulfillment. By this, I wanted to write about something that will enable me to showcase my talent, skill and expertise in writing, and also reach out to many. I wanted to come up with something that would leave many thinking deep and be of great significance to them. This is how I ended up with these two artifacts about the factors that lead to smoking and alcohol consumption and the effects of the same on the human body. What inspired me to venture into these two topics was the controversy and contradiction that surrounds both drinking and smoking. Many articles, books and documentaries have been written about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking and smoking. The contradiction that exists between the pros and cons is what struck me hard.
While many concerned scholars have researched on the negative effects of drinking and smoking, a whole lot of others have come up with theories that try to explain the benefits of nicotine found in cigarettes and the positive effects of alcohol. It pains me when I see how cigarette manufacturing companies continue manufacturing the same, knowing pretty well of the effects. After thinking about these things, I decided to research and write nothing but the whole truth regarding alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. The writing process was not easy. This is because there is a whole lot of literature written regarding these two topics. I therefore had to go an extra mile to ensure that I do not repeat what is already known. This therefore called for me to do an extensive research, in order to identify what was not covered by those who went before me.
I find these two topics to be the most appropriate for my project because of how closely they relate to each other, in that before consuming alcohol or smoking cigarette, one is motivated or compelled by something or someone. Nicotine and alcohol are among the most highly abused substances in the contemporary society. The effects might not be instant, but they do take their toll on the consumer’s body ultimately. Alcohol is known by many as the sole cause of liver cirrhosis[Hee13]. On the other hand, lung cancer is directly an effect of excessive cigarette smoking[Pie14]. These are just but a few of the major negative effects. There were many reactions from people as I ventured into the research regarding these two topics, wanting to find more about what really inspires people to abuse the substances and what they feel about the whole thing. There were those who thought I was wasting my time, while there were those who thought of it as a good idea. Regardless of what the reactions were, I still marched on to achieve my major objective; exposing the whole truth behind the motivation to abuse and the effects on the human body.
This piece of writing showcases my talent and skill in writing. However, just besides that, it also portrays me as a researcher and a writer who utilizes his talent and skills to benefiting the society at large. I could have decided to be selfish enough to write a biography about my life and my personal achievements. But I chose to spend my talent, skills, energy and other resources to research on and write about what would be of great significance to the general society. WTNG 102 has taught me on how to use my talent and writing skills to benefit the society. To me, writing is a passion, something which I do not plan to part with any time soon. These two pieces of writing are not the end, but just the beginning of many more to come.
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