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The paper "Making Decisions About Organizing an Essay, Influence of Written and Spoken Comments" states that feedback from tutors, peers, and friends took a turn from criticizing to commending statements. Throughout the semester, the comments shifted from criticism to commendation from them…
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Making Decisions About Organizing an Essay, Influence of Written and Spoken Comments
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The mechanics of writing dictate whether a written piece addresses the issue at hand, and is relevant to the specified audience.
The ‘journey’ has been tough, yet intriguing. Writing can be such a fun activity if all the mechanics are integrated to come up with a masterpiece. Throughout the semester, writing skills have gradually developed from the first essay to the most recent. Development, in this case, means the presentation of ideas. Grammar, word choice, vocabulary, and tone of voice dictate how an idea is presented. The effects of a poorly presented idea are irreparable. The development of writing skills can be broken down into four elements.
The most important element that dictates a successful piece of writing is the composition of ideas. In the first essay, ideas were mixed up. There was neither flow nor fluency, though the idea was visible. I learned that the reader has to understand the idea through writing. In addition, it was made clear to me by my instructor that whatever is in the mind during writing is only visible to the writer. Therefore, the writer has to bring out whatever is in the mind in a succinct manner for it to be visible to the reader. Sufficient progress was visible after I learned how to organize ideas in a way that the reader could understand whatever was in my mind. Firstly, I learned how to understand the context of the issue at hand. After understanding the context, the second step was to brainstorm the relevant ideas to come up with a comprehensive arrangement of ideas.
Organizing an Essay
The information ought to be arranged in an order that makes the reader interested in reading the entire piece. Much progress was made in this section. I learned how to arrange an essay beginning with the thesis statement to notify the reader on the context of the piece. Good grades were sufficient evidence that the instructor was content with the essays from how well I presented the thesis statement. In addition, it was evident that a well-structured conclusion gave the instructor an idea of my opinion about the issue at hand. Therefore, significant progress was made on how to organize writing to represent my mind successfully.
Mechanics, Grammar, Word Choice, Vocabulary, and Tone of Voice
Paraphrasing was the main element of writing achieved. I learned that understanding the context and writing it in my words was the best way of avoiding plagiarism; the greatest crime in writing. In addition, I learned that writing must focus on the reader that the literary piece is addressing. The most significant progress in this section was learning how to keep the reader engaged/entertained without deviating from the issue at hand. The grammar ought to be according to the particular writing style, whereas the words used ought to be simple and clear to the reader. Such mechanics are visible in my recent essays. Read More
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