Reflection on Gained Writing Skills Throughout the Course - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Reflection on Gained Writing Skills Throughout the Course" seeks to critically evaluate the gained knowledge concerning academic writing abilities. Furthermore, the writer would attempt to identify the exercises that made the most progress…
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Reflection on Gained Writing Skills Throughout the Course
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My Writing Experience Writing is a skill just like any other skill. We must practice writing in order to attain perfection. Not every human being is equipped with a unique skill. Writing depends with the kind of attitude one has towards writing, motivation and the kind of exposure a person gets. People write for different reasons. While some people take it as a leisure activity, others rely on it for academic success. The level of expertise depends with the reason as to why a person has to write. The purpose of this paper is to examine my personal experience as a writer.
At first writing proved a headache to me since it was difficult for me to comprehend different topics, come up with a single idea, and get to write something meaningful. Since my childhood, I have always had the affection towards linguistics. I loved writing different about topics. I wrote for fun and not specifically following any procedures since I was not addressing any audience. I always preferred writing when I was alone to avoid disturbance and interference. Although I enjoyed writing, I never thought that I was good at it so most of the times I never allowed anyone to read my work. Initially, my writing depicted numerous grammatical errors, wrong formats, redundancy, and lack of logical flow. However, with time and practice, I have perfected my writing.
Learning is a process and right now, I am proud of my writings. I am amazed when I look back at what I used to write. I have realize that writing will always be part of me and knowing the fact that it can be a source of income makes it even more interesting. Before writing any given topic, I always go through the topic I intend to write about which helps me to get an idea of what I should write. After getting the concept, I write a rough draft and after that, I get to revise the draft. This helps me to get rid of the simple mistakes in my writing. Finally, I always proofread my work to be sure that my final document is perfect. This routine has really improved my self-esteem as person since I have realized that everything in life must systematic. This has helped me to be always thorough with what I do since the final product is always what matters.
Peer review has really had a positive effect on me as a writer since it always provides me with an opportunity to learn from my peers and get to improve on my weaknesses, it also gives me a chance share my views and experiences to my peers and this has really been motivating. Conferencing with my teacher has been very significant since it has taught me to create a thesis statement, topic sentences, discussions, and conclusion that define professional writing. Good writing refers to when a writer produces a final document that is well organized and that adheres to instructions. A good writer must always be relevant to the topic of discussion. At first, I never thought that is a specific format for writing but this course has really enlightened me. I can now write basing my writing on given specific formats. Writing is quite demanding and it requires a dedicated person. Nevertheless, learning and applying different writing styles and formats has been the greatest challenge in writing. Read More
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