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Reflective Questions - Essay Example

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Students or the team members must be at the same level (undergraduate, MD or PHD). Otherwise, the higher-level student is going to be bumptious and criticize the work all the time thus making the higher-level student ineffective in the team.
1. Using the camera correctly,…
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Reflective Questions
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"Reflective Questions"

Download file to see previous pages how to use the camera in a professional way, how to film from different angle, how to avoid the camera shaking, how the lighting is important in the film process Etc.
I enhanced this skill when we initialized our project and we put the outline, then we made the plan which we going to stick on, we organized the work and we divided the parts between our team members then we start doing our project based on that.
We discovered later on that we should use just one voice instead of two voices in the narration because our subject was about sentence fluency. Moreover, when we divide our 10 min video after we found out that it would infects the audience bored.
Honestly, I was not sure about our project subject (sentence fluency) in the beginning. You required an instructional video and this subject was teaching a grammar. Letter on I found that convert this subject to instructional video would be a challenge for me. Therefore, I decided to learn about sentence fluency and I face many problems because I am international student. I tried to beat this, I give all I have to present my work in great way, and I hope that what I did.
My ability to persuasion other people improved. Once we were filming six volunteers and after we done we found that the camera was shaking. So I went to the writing center and I persuaded the 6 volunteers to re-film them again and I did that by show them the importance of the work we do and the importance of their role for the completion of this work. They agree and I did the re-filming process alone again. In addition, I persuaded ESL students to be filmed by explaining to them sentence fluency meaning and give them some advices so they can improve their writing skill. They agree and it was great experience and I am sure that my ability to communicate and persuasion others improved.
How many hours have you spent on your project? Were there times when you worked long hours without noticing the passing of time? Give a number ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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