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Reflective Questions - Essay Example

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Students or the team members must be at the same level (undergraduate, MD or PHD). Otherwise, the higher-level student is going to be bumptious and criticize the work all the time thus making the higher-level student ineffective in the team.
1. Using the camera correctly,…
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Reflective Questions
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Extract of sample "Reflective Questions"

Reflective Questions • Appreciation of teamwork According to your experience, what are the pros and cons about the teamwork? In my modest experience, I found the pros in teamwork are:
1. Enhance cooperation between team members
2. Teaches understanding and patience
3. Learn to listen to others
4. Teaches self-denial because it benefits the team and not the individual
5. You can see the whole project from other prospectives.
Cons about teamwork are:
1. Students or the team members must be at the same level (undergraduate, MD or PHD). Otherwise, the higher-level student is going to be bumptious and criticize the work all the time thus making the higher-level student ineffective in the team.
2. If a team member has many responsibilities as work, family, etc., he\she cannot organize his\her time thus making it difficult to meet him\her, which will affect the whole project.
3. Lack of communication could cause many troubles so it will be hard for the team members to stick on the plan and due dates.
4. If one of the team members has laxity on his part this will make others do extra work in order to catch up with the plan
• Enhancement of skills and knowledge
List the skills and knowledge that you have enhanced in this class.
I have learned a lot from this class like;
1. Using the camera correctly, filming in professional way by avoid camera shaking, filming from different angle. Now I know when I should take the zoom in or zoom out (focus). I also know how I can use the tripod to avoid camera shaking and the concept of filming in general.
2. Editing my videos by using automated options, special effects, sound effect and turn my video clips into entertaining movies.
3. Learning a lot about HTML5
4. Planning a Production Planning Document to do instructional video
5. Creating a video instruction product
• Learning to form a system for efficient work
What is your system for efficient work? How did you learn about forming a system for efficient work?
My system for efficient work is based on:
•Dignify my commitments
•Examine the problems facing me well
•I know when to be confrontational and when to accept compromises
• Time management
• Knowledge
• I feel responsible, even outside the scope of my constituency
•I seek for the better
I formed this system through my work experience, Bachelor studies, and Training courses.
Learning about the equipment
In which ways did you learn about using the equipment?
In the shooting part, I leant new filming skills e.g. how to use the camera in a professional way, how to film from different angle, how to avoid the camera shaking, how the lighting is important in the film process Etc.
• Motivation
Were you motivated through your work experience with your team project?
Established video instruction product motivated me a lot. It was a unique experience. Thinking that what I am learning now is going to help me in my future career was the most thing motivated me.
• Project management
Did you learn any project management skills through your work experience with your team project? What are they and how did you learn them?
• Project planning and organization
I enhanced this skill when we initialized our project and we put the outline, then we made the plan which we going to stick on, we organized the work and we divided the parts between our team members then we start doing our project based on that.
• Managing change within a project
We discovered later on that we should use just one voice instead of two voices in the narration because our subject was about sentence fluency. Moreover, when we divide our 10 min video after we found out that it would infects the audience bored.
• Being creative, even when the project does not call for it
Honestly, I was not sure about our project subject (sentence fluency) in the beginning. You required an instructional video and this subject was teaching a grammar. Letter on I found that convert this subject to instructional video would be a challenge for me. Therefore, I decided to learn about sentence fluency and I face many problems because I am international student. I tried to beat this, I give all I have to present my work in great way, and I hope that what I did.
• Communicational skills
Is there an improvement in your communicational skills? How has your communicational skills been improved?
My ability to persuasion other people improved. Once we were filming six volunteers and after we done we found that the camera was shaking. So I went to the writing center and I persuaded the 6 volunteers to re-film them again and I did that by show them the importance of the work we do and the importance of their role for the completion of this work. They agree and I did the re-filming process alone again. In addition, I persuaded ESL students to be filmed by explaining to them sentence fluency meaning and give them some advices so they can improve their writing skill. They agree and it was great experience and I am sure that my ability to communicate and persuasion others improved.
In addition, my listening skill was improved by listening to others criticizing and I learned how to accepted it and work based on it in some area in my project if I convinced.
• Creativity
Provide examples to demonstrate the enhancement of your creative thinking skills through learning and working on the project.
• Working long hours
How many hours have you spent on your project? Were there times when you worked long hours without noticing the passing of time? Give a number that was the longest hours you spent in a day on your project.
1. Around 12 hours on planning document
2. Around 13 hours on filming
3. Around 10 hours on the HTML5
4. Around 8 hours on video editing, where time was going so fast, and I did not notice that I stayed on my computer using the editing program for 4 hours. I was so excited and I love this part the most.
• Planning
What have you learned about planning of your project? Provide the details.
• Preparation ahead of class
What did you do before each class? How much thinking did you put on preparation of the class?
Sometimes I was planning my presentation, discuss the project with my teamwork, and learn how to use new software that can help improve my project. Listen to my classmate what they are going to do in their project and share the knowledge with them.
• Suggestions about future project outcomes, etc.
What have you learned from your work experience? In which way do you think you will improve your work style/system in future, if you have another chance working on a project like this?
I learned the principles of visual continuity through the short video. In addition, how to use the editing software to create a video that includes many clips, sound, and special effects. I learned how to make a plan to create a video instruction product. In addition, if have another chance working on a project like this I would be more versed because now I know how to use the necessary tools.
• Learn how organizations work
Have you learned anything in terms of how organizations work? What are they if any?
I have learnt that organizations work in different ways based on their organizational culture. Indeed, many organizations value teamwork, consistency, and high commitment to the organizations goals. The management defines how organizations work and the employees follow such strategies through a defined communication module. Most assuredly, organizations seek to enhance customer satisfaction, establish a competitive advantage, minimize costs, comply with the set standards, produce high quality products, maximize profits, and establish a going concern.
• Learning about personal work behavior patterns
Have you learned anything about your own personal work behavior patterns? What are good and what need improving?
I have learnt about my personal work behavior patterns where teamwork, objectivity, visual continuity, listening to others, sharing information with others, and consistency defines my work behavior patterns. Nevertheless, I have realized that as I seek for perfection in my work I am mostly late in presenting my work. As such, I will need to improve my speed of doing work to adhere to the set work plan and schedule.
• Learn to work with feedback from others
How did you feel when you received feedback from others about your projects? Do you think their feedback helped? In which way did you or did not like it?
I accepted if it is worth. Even I add a new things to my project based on others feedback as example when they gave me a feedback about the PowerPoint design and they told me that it is not matching the video them I changed it and really it is look better. In addition, when I received a feedback about the audio saying it was not clear. I worked to improve it and it sound better now. In addition, divide 10 min video after I found out that it will Infects the audience bored based on the feedback.
• Learn about own career aspirations
What things (including knowledge, skills, and those beyond knowledge and skills) that you have learned in this class will help you with your career goal? Why do you think they will help you with your career goal?
Knowledge skills like video editing, communicational skills, how to use the camera in a professional way, how to film from different angle, how to avoid the camera shaking, the importance of lighting, and the aspects of HTML5 will help me in my career goal. Moreover, learning how to plan a production planning document, to do instructional video, forming a system for efficient work, solving problems, and creating a video instruction product will also help me to develop my career goal in that they will enhance perfection, time consciousness, and achievement of goals.
• Learning self-management
Do you think that you have learned or improved self-management through doing the class projects? How did you learn or improve self-management?
Self-development by choosing a challenged subject, know about something new (sentence fluency) and making video instruction product about it.
• Learning to use reflection and reflective practice
Have you ever used reflective thinking/practice throughout the whole process of doing the project? When did you use reflective thinking/practice? How did it help you with your project?
I believe that I had improved in solving problems skills, also calculating likelihoods, and making decisions. This part of improvement was obvious for me after I finished the project in general and after dealing with HTML in particular.
• To gain employability skills/key skills not easily gained elsewhere in the curriculum
Have you gained employability skills/key skills through your work experience with your projects that were not easy to gain elsewhere in the curriculum? What are they if any?
I gained a new communication and negotiation skills in some parts of the project and I improved it in other area thanks to this project. In addition, I believe that I gained the ability to learn and adapt. Before I start this project, I had no idea how to use the camera in professional way, how to use helping tools and software, HTML, and how to create video instruction product and I build it from A to Z. In addition, I did not have any knowledge in our subject sentence fluency but I did my best and I believe I gained this skill.
• Development of self-confidence and willingness to take initiatives
Describe your development of self-confidence and willingness to take initiatives from the work experience with the project if any.
By choosing a challenged subject, know about something new (sentence fluency) and making video instruction product about it. I was confidence in my ability to learn and to present the whole project in good way.
• To enhance orientation towards lifelong learning
Does this work experience help you enhance orientation towards lifelong learning? If yes, how will it help you enhance orientation towards lifelong learning?
This works experience has helped me enhance my orientation towards lifelong learning for both personal and professional reasons. It also enhances me to develop myself and enhances my competitiveness ability and employability. I am a teacher and from this project, I gained the necessary skills to help my student to improve and learn. Read More
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