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The Hobbit, Supreme Ordeal - Essay Example

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Bilbo Baggins is an exemplary example of a hero’s journey, in the narrative the Hobbit, he is depicted as a shrewd character who chat his unique path to gain respect and admiration among many people. This essay will focus on his refusal to go for adventure with the wizard, Gandalf as one of the supreme ordeal steps he made…
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The Hobbit, Supreme Ordeal
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Download file to see previous pages Tasha Martin, the author builds the character in a series of hero journey steps that ultimately points out to the common path of heroes in the narrative. Bilbo lives a lavish life, enjoying seven meals per day, in this narrative; he wins this honor through a series of the ordeal that persistently depict his ultimate courage, pride, and persistence.
His ordeal begins when he refuses to go with the wizard on adventure despite the arrival of the thirteen dwarves. In this episode, the wizard had tried his best to plead with him to accompany him on an adventure, after this he noticed that his mentor convinced him to accompany him for the adventure after the dwarves had gone (Tolkien 35). Initially, he is convinced that respectable Hobbits like him should not go for adventure. Elrond remarks “Ah, I shant be missed,” and Bilbo reply “The truth is most of them don’t think I should be on this journey,” reveals how other characters detested his presence in the journey. However, the change of mind to pursue dwarves becomes one of the biggest ordeal in his journey to be a hero.
Later on, he realized that he had erred in judgment and decided to pursue the dwarves. On this journey, he meets both allies and enemies. It became a journey that shaped his personal stature and rise to be a recognized hero. Arguably, his pursuit of the dwarves is the best moment that helps bring out his heroism. Evidently, the most important event was the trial with the three trolls, the giant spiders and Gollum. Although he had encountered a number of trials during his pursuit, this special trial almost broke his stature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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