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The Early Renaissance - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this essay explores "The Early Renaissance" through the Baroque Era. As a period of rebirth, it has initiated solutions to problems in life in further humanistic approaches instead of depending on religious doctrines and churches for answers. …
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The Early Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages Renaissance in itself had features that brought up America’s great technological strides and augmented their international trade. The early renaissance scholars were advocates for humanistic studies thus established liberal schools that offered liberal education. History, grammar, philosophy, literature and rhetoric were studied. Most of these areas of study are in the today’s education system. Feltre Vittorino a major scholar considered the ancient Greek ideal which he reintroduced into learning. This education incorporated moral training, physical exercise and nurtured the mind and body. Marsilio Ficino harmonized teachings of Plato on love, mainly the divine love in the Christian thoughts. The early scholars thus have a greater impact on today’s philosophy and humanism. Northern Europe had its own humanism brand during the high renaissance in Italy. This movement conflicted with people in the Roman Church resulting into reformation of the Protestants. Counter- Reformation was launched by the Catholic Church for that matter creating wars politically and religiously. Protestant reforms came about due to corruption and abuses in the church and lay piety which had persisted from the Middle Ages. Such reformists included; Calvin John, Martin Luther and King Henry 8. For example, Luther Martin responsibly advocated that churches should preach in their own language and not the Latin language. This is a feature that is within our today’s local churches. Together with his supporters, they established schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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