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This brings out the saying that people should not judge a book by its cover as seen in title character in 2001 Shrek.
The most interesting part of…
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DD Month YYYY Journal Entries 18. Introduction: Haunting boundaries The have been able to bring out an interest fact in the American culture where the other side of monsters has been shown. This brings out the saying that people should not judge a book by its cover as seen in title character in 2001 Shrek.
19. Monster Culture: Seven Theses
The most interesting part of this article is the author’s suggestion that an individual can determine the culture from the monsters. This is true because what is considered a monster in one culture may not be considered to be one in another culture.
20. Excerpts from Frankenstein
The most interesting aspect of this writing is the determination shown in Frankenstein’s work in creating a human being. It is interesting how he is sure that he would be able to give back life to individuals who have died.
21. Frankenstein: A feminist Critique of Science
The writer has been able to bring out the critique of Mary Shelley on science. Science can be good or bad depending on the aim of the science. For example, she describes science as being bad if it aims ate manipulating the forces of nature.
22. George Romero’s Zombie Films: A Plague of Meaning
Director George Romeo has been able to combine the cannibalistic nature of walking corpses and the political issues. This showed innovation in the film industry at the time.
23. Excerpts from World War Z
The writer has been able to bring out an interesting comparison between zombies and humans where in some cases humans do acts that are worse than mindless creatures which means we are also mindless.
24. Excerpts from the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Written by Robert Louis, the reading has been able to bring out the fact that the characteristics of a person in terms of their emotion or facial expression can be used against them in court.
25. Strange Transformations: John Landis’s An American Werewolf in London
The writer has been able to describe the American Werewolf as one which is more animalistic and inhuman to the extent that it could not walk upright.
26. The Company of Wolves
The writer has been able to clearly describe a wolf as who is motivated by the taste of flesh. It is interesting that the color of the eyes of wolves is as a result their pupils fattening which in turn flashes back light from a lantern. This makes their eyes look reddish yellowish.
27. Excerpts from Dracula
The author has been able to describe Dracula as a strong extraordinary being who is cruel looking with sharp white teeth.
28. Parasites and Perverts: An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity
It is interesting how the writer is able to relate monsters to real life situation where because of how people act, they can be regarded as being monsters.
29. Excerpts from Gothic Realities: The Impact of Horror Fiction on Modern Culture
The writer has been able to relate monster to what people fear or what is not acceptable in the society. For example, if homosexuality is related to monster, this brings out the monstrosity that has been built around homosexuality.
30. Civilized Vampires versus Savage Werewolves: Race & Ethnicity in the Twilight Series
It is interesting the way the writer has been able to present current issues in the Twilight series. In particular issues related to race where whiteness is associated with superiority and purity while non-white is seen as inferior.
31. The Horrors of Race in American History: Candyman
The writer has been able to present the fact that a film is as a result of combined effort from novelists or writers, to the directors, to the actors, to the marketers, and other individuals.
32. Excerpts from “The Uncanny”
The most interesting part of this article is how the author defines uncanny. The author acknowledges that the word is not always used in a clear sense, and has come up with the characteristics of uncanny. These include those feelings and properties that make someone uncanny.
33. Evil Dolls: The Child’s Play and Puppet Master Series
Written by L. Andrew Cooper and Brandy Blake, this article has been able to clearly relate fairly tales and children’s story with real life situations. For example, the Toy Story where toys came to life.
34. Serial Killers: From Jack the Ripper to Aileen Wuornos
The most interesting thing in this article is the fact that unlike what most people assume to be the characteristics of serial killers as being loners, they are social people, which make it easy for them to blend in the society easily.
35. Movie Psychos and Slashers: From Norman Bates to Freddy Krueger
The writers here have been able to distinguish between popular monsters from earlier and of the twentieth and twenty first century. Unlike before were monsters were beings which look scary with claws, these days their monstrosity is from inside.
36. Excerpts from Killing Monsters
The writer has been able to demonstrate a great strategy that was used by the warrior by boasting that he would kill the monster. He then pretended to be asleep. He then surprised the monster when it approached him. Read More
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