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English is now the language that serves as the connecting factor in terms of communication both orally and written among different…
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Do you agree that students should learn English in the USA
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Full Learning ESL is a Necessity The ability to understand and communicate using the English language is now becoming more and more of importance to people around the world. English is now the language that serves as the connecting factor in terms of communication both orally and written among different cultures. With the trend of business nowadays, it has then become essential that employers and even employees should learn to communicate well in English. Consequently, more and more students are entering the United States and other English-speaking nations to learn the language. This is a good move especially for those who are aiming to enter employment that require a lot of communication and whose goal is to reach partners, investors and customers on a global scale. Although there are those who claim that it is not necessary for students to learn English in countries such as America because they can learn the language in their own home countries. There may be some weight to such arguments but one should also consider that the main goal of students is to have a keen ability to understand and express themselves using the English language. Therefore, moving to an English-speaking country will be of great help when it comes to assimilation. For instance, a Chinese student who has very little ability in communicating in English, will find it difficult to learn when he is regularly speaking in Mandarin. However, when the student moves to America, he will be forced to speak, read and write in English for him to be able to survive. Such need to communicate well now becomes a necessity for survival. In other words, speaking in English becomes a part of the student’s everyday life, making his learning easier. Read More
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