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Chose the topic - Essay Example

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In this play, the author demonstrates the kind of life lived by some sisters in Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve. The author has managed to bring out a picture of the sisters living in…
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Chose the topic
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Download file to see previous pages After getting drunk, they would walk around making noise and talking immoral while others were fighting each other. This is evident when Philomena and Pelajia complaints about this and saying that she wants to go to Toronto. They later overcome this by stopping the name callings, towards themselves, and considering one another for consolation.
The social conditions in the hills seemed to be harder when Pelajia complaints about men snatching away their neighbors wives. She also complains of the women snatching their neighbors husbands and sleep with them. Those involved in this have shown disrespect and caused discomfort to others, including the sisters, in the hills. Pelajia says, " …..Andrew Starnblanket and his brother Mathew. Drunk. Again. Or sounded like…." She continues saying, "…. Fighting over some girl. Heard what sounded like a baseball bat landing on somebodys back. My lawn looks like the shit this morning" (Tomson 59). This condition has made the sisters resolve their differences and stay in peace since this is the only way to their resilience.
The sisters have been staying in a state of joblessness. None of them is employed, and we even see them relying mostly on charity so that they can get some finances to better their lives. In the play, we see them being idle all the day and having nothing to do so as to improve their living conditions. This is evident when Pelajia says, " … I will tell him there will be more jobs because the people have paved more roads to drive to work on…" (Tomson 59).
The sisters are living in poor housing conditions. There houses roofs are poor and in bad condition relatively their neighborhoods. Comparing to the other houses they saw in Toronto and Espanol, they live in poor living conditions, and thats why Pelajia is planning to leave the hills and go to Toronto. They are forced to repair the roofs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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