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Writing is the principal foundation upon which an individual’s work, learning, and intelligence is judged in university, work, and in the society (Marquette University para. 1). The main artifact chosen in this portfolio is based upon the theme of writing. Writing brings out…
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Contribution toward ENG 105
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Contribution toward ENG 105 Writing is the principal foundation upon which an individual’s work, learning, and intelligence is judged in university, work, and in the society (Marquette University para. 1). The main artifact chosen in this portfolio is based upon the theme of writing. Writing brings out an individual’s personality and perspective on various issues affecting the society, thereby permitting individuals to evaluate the adequacy of their arguments. Besides, writing fosters a person’s ability to explain certain complex positions to the readers and oneself thus helping them to move easily among facts, inferences and opinions without creating confusions. Like for many students, expressing ideas through writing seems enjoyable to me and it is therefore important to establish the different writing accomplishments throughout the semester.
Beginning my college experience this semester, I felt that I had performed at a slightly lower level pertaining the reading and writing proficiency. The justification for this rating can be based upon my first assignment on the response to the “front and back matter” of RGRW and Real Boys which required students to have a definite introduction, conclusion, thesis, and of course, transitions, quotations and organization. My references were incomplete, they did not follow an alphabetical order and the paper did not only lack in text citations, but also the works cited page in the reference section. I used a rather simple business writing style in writing up the assignment, a style that I had been using to write for the past couple of years. In addition, the paragraph transitions were to a large extent non-existent and prolixity was such a big problem.
All through the college experience, taking the Basic English and literature classes have enabled me to address the issue of competency. For instance, the English 105 class has enabled me to learn on the various essentialities of both the spoken and written language. From the class, I have been able to gain knowledge on how to cite references and use proper works cited pages. Besides, I have also learnt the different writing formats such as the MLA, Harvard and APA for typing papers. The argument-based English class that I took equally enabled me to realize that every paper needs to have a flow and transition with specific points to highlight and echo on. In my second assignment, the instructor gave us a paper that was based on the observations made on the different aspects in the campus. This assignment enabled me to gain the ability to make a sophisticated commentary on the significance of the day to day observations. It enabled me to carry out a careful analysis of the various concepts in the campus life and thus the paper was not a mere summary of the observations I made. The base of the assignment enabled me to address the issues of transition between passages and elimination of the wordiness.
Coming towards my final semester in my undergraduate program, it is clear that I have attained a higher performance level on the reading and writing competency. This rating can be justified upon the constant and consistent improvement on the subsequent assignments and write ups which showed a consistent progress, more so in the elimination of both structural and grammatical errors. The two later assignments, one on film analysis and the other on interviews pertaining teenage life, enabled me to build up my writing skills even further.
These later assignments depicts a greater improvement in writing as compared to the first assignment. In addition, the various references were cited in the write up and the works cited page was copacetic with the necessities and prerequisites needed to attain the goals set by the instructor.
It is therefore of great importance that students and writers should consistently aim at improving their writing skills. Gaining competency in writing and reading are essential aspects in one’s academic and career path and therefore, it is necessary to inculcate students on the appropriate ways of communicating in written word. I anticipate to continually improve my skills in this area by consistently working on smoothing out in grammar, structures, transitions and continually cultivating my writing abilities.
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Marquette University. What Makes Writing So Important? 7 July 2011. Web. 8 Dec. 2014. . Read More
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Contribution Toward ENG 105 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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