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The Rise of Islamic Capitalism - Book Report/Review Example

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The book authored by Vali Nasr, an expert in the Islamic nations’ operations and a top advisor to the United States (US) government, provides a proposal for the solution to challenges in handling Islamic extremism. He proposes that the best way for the Western countries to end…
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The Rise of Islamic Capitalism
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Extract of sample "The Rise of Islamic Capitalism"

Download file to see previous pages vides support to this proposal by emphasizing on the crucial role of the middle class in the democratic and capitalist revolution in Western countries. The author blames extremism on economic flops from authoritarian Islamic regimes but sees the Muslim bourgeoisie’s wealth and ambitions as critical in the fight against Muslim extremism. The contributions of this class of Muslims to the transformation of Dubai and Turkey are instrumental and provide insight for possible spread of the influence to other Islamic nations. This review will keenly analyze the various issues this book raises and explore evidences from the book to support the issues raised.
Vali makes it clear that the US’s main goal is to end extremism in the Islamic world, particularly in the Middle Eastern countries (Nasr 1-2; 84). The Iranian revolution that occurred in the year 1979 was the main motivation for this pursuit by the US. The book presents the reality of the Islamic world to the Western nations so that they can deduce the cause of Islamic extremism (Nasr 10). The inadequate integration of the Middle East region into the global economy has adverse implications on other regions of the world. This inadequate integration makes the region contribute immensely to the promotion of instability in global and regional politics (Nasr 168; 262).
Secularism in the Middle East has had many flaws, which have contributed to the growth of fundamentalism in Muslim nations (Nasr 11; 84-85). The author makes it succinct that this secularism has facilitated the sustainability of Muslim extremism and affected the way of life of the people in the Middle East (Nasr 142-143; 152-156; 173; 255). The author highlights the critical contributions of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to the development of modern Turkey. Mustafa strongly inclined to westernizing his nation for it to meet and surpass the success of western nations in the 1920s and early 1930s (Nasr 95-97). Iran and other countries in the Middle East also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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