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Which is the true story from the life of pi - Essay Example

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In this version of Pi’s tale, the cargo ship is seen to be sinking. In between these chaotic escapades, Pi is joined on the lifeboat by a disparate group of hungry zoo…
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Which is the true story from the life of pi
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Download file to see previous pages After sometimes, only the strong animals seem to survive in the jungle. Pi watches helplessly as the spotted hyena kills the zebra. The tiger nonetheless is amused by the act of hyena. The tiger, Richard Parker, due to his friendly nature, subsequently dispatches the orang-utan before it.
Secondly, the tiger is a naturally interdependent animal in habit (Baker & Margaret 85). Pi, through his book, sets about conditioning the tiger through his appealing and rewarding behaviour. He offers the tiger food and fresh water so that the two can co-exist in the boat. Tiger and Pi remain on the verge of starvation for a few months. This was not until they realized an uncharted island, which is packed with bountiful meerkat population and fresh vegetation. After a little survival on fresh vegetables, Tiger and Pi got their way out of starvation by identifying carnivore’s algae along the island (Martel 342). These algae nonetheless were acidic hence would consume them when the storm comes. Pi and tiger, therefore, took fresh vegetables and sailed away in fear of being consumed by the island’s acidity. They were in Mexican coast when their lifeboat made a landfall again. These two friends were malnourished and starved at that moment. As Pi collapses on the beach, Peter Parker (Bengal Tiger) ungratefully walks into the jungle without glancing back at his malnourished friend. Perhaps this was in fear of the Mexican authorities or maybe a theme portraying the ungrateful nature of human beings after being helped in the times of dire needs (Martel 53).
In the human story version, two different natures of tiger’s habits emerge. These characteristics include self-preservation and revenge. In the human version of Pi’s tale, the cargo ship still sinks. In this scenario, the animalistic version changes when Pi’s mother (Gita), an injured Japanese sailor, and the ship’s overwhelming cook join him in the boat (Martel 135). After some time, survival for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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