Moral Values in the Life of Pi - Book Report/Review Example

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The main the main points or thesis statement that this paper dwells on is on the aspect of integral morality that has been explicated by Pi based on the novel "File of Pi". There is a claim that he had very intact moral values because of his extensive strictness…
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Moral Values in the Life of Pi
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Download file to see previous pages First and for most, belief in God seems to be a major theme in this novel, and is viewed as being controversial in the reviews of this entire book. Throughout the story, Pi develops a sense of clear belief in God as well as the ultimate love for God. This is a kind of love that seems to be profound enough since it cuts across all the classical religious divisions, including Hinduism, Islam, and even Christianity. The aspect of atheism is a great agony that really bothers Pi, since such a mere decision towards lack of dire believe in anything or exertion of massive doubt in the existing belief systems should be taken as inexcusable from his point of view. This has been brought out clearly in the novel especially in a situation whereby Pi interrogates some of the atheistic Japanese officials to try and weight out the better perspective amongst the two systems (Martel, 54). So, Pi’s great devotion towards believing in one God is an outstanding part of this novel. This aspect, however, gets to be less prominent especially in the course of his life when his bodily and material requirements try to take over his spiritual needs. Regardless of all this, Pi seems to have stayed standstill against all those temptations that might have led his consciousness towards a little doubt in his level of belief in the ultimate God while struggling with most of his hardships. In turn, this element underscores the idea of pre-eminence of survival.
The aspect of primacy or pre-eminence of survival is also one of the main themes in the epitome of this novel. This theme acts as a main test towards Pi’s level of belief as well as strictness towards some of the religious rule. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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