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Aris Dilemma - Essay Example

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Ari Geller sat uncomfortably on the large sofa set that was positioned directly behind one of the numerous hallways in the huge house. “Al Khobar,” she intoned under her breath. She resisted the temptation to cast another glance at her older sister-in-law. …
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Aris Dilemma
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Download file to see previous pages She had been sitting in silence for more than an hour now. She had never imagined that it would be like this. She remembered, for the 100th time, how her mother had gasped in shock when she brought Bilal to their home in Western Texas. Her father tried desperately to pretend that he was pleased at his daughter’s choice of friend. However, the rest of her family only gaped at his elaborate headdress. Bilal was kind enough. Her mother had purposefully tried to make him feel uncomfortable. She constantly wore, on her face, expressions full of hatred at Bilal. She permitted him to talk or comment on anything without openly opposing his comments. Beside, she constantly criticized Bilal’s Muslim culture and culture pointing out the unjust and monopolistic way they treated their women. In addition, she kept telling Bilal that he is not any different from all his Muslim folks as long as they live in Saudi Arabia. Bilal tried to persevere the rampage, from his to be mother-in-law, in silence, perhaps accepting the truth in silence. “Ghayda!” Ari took some moments to realize that it was she who was being addressed by the old woman at the door to her right.
“Ghayda!” Her husband’s aunt had given her the name to make her a complete Saudi Arabian. The old woman motioned towards the kitchen. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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