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Security problem in Taiwan - Essay Example

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The dangers of nightclubs are many and highly consequential. Taiwan is a country which has a particularly dangerous nightclub and drinking culture. Women, especially young…
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Security problem in Taiwan
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Download file to see previous pages Remarkably lax policies have made Taiwanese nightclubs a heaven for alcohol and substance abusers and sexual offenders. It has become a favourite pastime for a large population to go to clubs late at night and abuse illegal drugs. However, there is not the growing issue of illegal drugs only which is contributing to chaos in the country. There are other dangers lurking in the shadows of nightclub culture which have more far-reaching consequences. These dangers are related to unfortunate incidents of rape, kidnapping, and assault which are becoming very common in Taiwan because a very facilitating environment is provided for such crimes in the country. This environment raises the probability rate of such crimes.
In order to help resolve this issue, I propose the solution based on 12 am curfew. This curfew is already being practiced in many countries around the globe where same kind of nightclub dangers were encountered as in Taiwan. This solution is effective because
Despite the media focus on drugs like ecstasy, many incidents of assault and rape have also been reported in Taiwan because of young women not being able to defend themselves in an intoxicated state. Especially in a culture where drinking is heavily promoted, violence is endemic. Taiwan is a country which comes to life late at night. It would not be an exaggerated statement if said that it is a country which never sleeps. Due to a plethora of nightclubs which remain open to visitors all hours at night, the streets glow with hedonistic abandon and are seen packed with jubilant people looking for all kinds of activities. This culture leads to two big problems, vandalism and drug abuse. The state of Springfield police statistics also serve to prove the efficacy of 12 am curfew. For example, a report compares the number of calls for a six month period before and after enforcement of the 1 am curfew. It is revealed that “the calls for service declined from 1,197 to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Security Problem in Taiwan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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