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Airport screening - Essay Example

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In their book, aviation security experts, Price and Forrest (33) note that the unfortunate attacks claimed the lives of at least 3,200 Americans, leaving scores others injured. In response,…
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Airport screening
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Download file to see previous pages In his book, Airport and Aviation Security Elias2 (21) states that mandatory screening in airports is among the strategies that the DHS is employing to prevent terrorists from gaining entry into the country. According to the policy, all passengers from abroad are subjected to thorough screening at the airports to prevent entry of explosives and illegal arms or illicit drugs into the country.
The screening policy at the airport was expanded recently following an Ebola scare. This follows a growing concern among Americans of the possible spread of the Ebola into the United States. In the news article “Ebola Airport Screenings May Seem Intrusive, But They’re Legal, Experts Say”, Tucker (6) notes that Ebola, a disease that was first reported in West Africa, has already claimed the lives of close to 2,000 people. Among the West African countries where deaths have been reported include Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Ebola has also been reported in Spain and the U.S., where the disease recently claimed the life of a patient who had been transferred from West Africa for treatment. The Ebola scare has caused a scare to Americans to the extent that the government has been forced to put stringent measures to prevent the spread of Ebola into the U.S.
According to the new policy, passengers arriving from West African countries, such as Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone are required to be subjected to thorough screening for Ebola virus. A news article published by Eye Witness News stated that the screening involves checking the passengers temperatures using non-touch thermometers and other screening techniques (5). The main aim of Ebola screening at the airport is to help identify sick passengers from Ebola affected countries so that appropriate measures are taken to prevent the passengers from mixing with the rest of the American population. Any passengers found showing symptoms of Ebola are quarantined immediately in the isolation facilities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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