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Discussing Issues Concerning Aviation Operations - Assignment Example

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The paper "Discussing Issues Concerning Aviation Operations" answers the questions that are regarded to aviation. It is essential that the operator must have details of passengers’ i.e. full name, redress number, date of birth, gender and known traveller number…
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Discussing Issues Concerning Aviation Operations
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Extract of sample "Discussing Issues Concerning Aviation Operations"

1. According to your textbook author, why is the aviation industry a continuing target of terrorists and criminals?
This is because of the influence that the aviation industry has on the economy both at macro and micro levels.
2. According to your textbook author, what are the three general components of aviation operations?
Delivery system
Nasal or nasal cannula
Storage system or containers
3. How does the ownership of commercial airports in the U.S. generally differ from the ownership of aircraft operators?
Airport operators in the U.S. charge fees for use airport facilities while aircraft operators charge fees for use of aircrafts by passengers.
Airport operators own the airport facilities while aircraft operators own aircrafts
4. Explain how U.S. commercial airports obtain revenue for their operations and profit?
Airport landing fees charged on operators of planes based on the weight of aircraft
Terminal rents
Fees from the lease of hangers
5. Explain how U.S. commercial aircraft operators obtain revenue for their operations and profit.
Airport landing fees charged on operators of planes based on the weight of aircraft
Terminal rents
Fees from the lease of hangers
6. How do the roles of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration differ in their responsibilities for the U.S. aviation industry?
Whilst the FAA verifies that air carriers are capable of operating at the highest degree of safety the TSA screens passengers, baggage and ensures there is no hijacking of aircrafts
7. The major U.S. commercial aircraft operators must adopt a specific TSA security program that requires the aircraft operator to designate certain security positions within their company. What is the name of the security program and what specific security positions does it require the aircraft operator to have? ( 3 points)
DCA Access Standard Security Program, or the DASSP
The operator must have onboard and Armed Security officer.
8. The primary U.S. airport operators must adopt a TSA security program that requires the airport operator to designate a security position within their airport organization. What is the name of the security program and what specific security position does it require the airport operator to have?
Secure Flight Program
9. What were the goals of the 911 attacks according to your textbook author?
Break the global community willing to fight terrorism because of:
U.S. support for Israel against Palestine
Sanctions imposed on Iraq
Western support for the fight against Muslims in Somalia
10. Explain why several of the 911 hijackers who triggered the Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) were allowed to board the aircraft without any special screening of their bodies or carry- on baggage?
Because they had their bags that were checked held until they boarded the plane or some had no bags checked and hence the CAPPS had no impact on them.
11. What FAA passenger screening point policy failure greatly increased the hijacker’s success in carrying weapons aboard the aircraft?
The policy that imposed the unfunded obligation of passenger screening on airlines rather than on the airport
The Imagination policy
12. List the four fundamental failures in U.S. aviation security that the 911 Commission Report highlighted.
Failure to perform passenger screening
Failure to provide security footage of the hijackers by airport operators
Failure to listen to passengers pleas
Lack of CIA to carry out thorough screening
13. What were the general tactics used to take over the aircraft once the hijackers were on board and the plane was in flight?
The hijackers chose early morning departure flights fully fueled for transcontinental flights to increase the destructive power of targets.
They strategically booked seats close to the cabin and behind in the first-class depending on different aircrafts. Read More
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