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Photographs are impressions of the physical locations of varying sizes and with different attributes of color, size and scope as well as other attributes. Photographs connect the mind with the physical world that bears all aspects depicted in it directly. Whenever an individual…
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Sontag, In Platos Cave from On Photography
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Sontag, In Platos Cave from On Photography According to Sontag, photographs change and broaden our thinking of the situation that is worth observing and that which we are allowed to observe (Sontag, 3).
Photographs are impressions of the physical locations of varying sizes and with different attributes of color, size and scope as well as other attributes. Photographs connect the mind with the physical world that bears all aspects depicted in it directly. Whenever an individual observes a photograph, a record is retained in the mind which, is a subject to interpretation. Every mind of each person tends to be autonomous in the range of perceptions and making of presumptions (Sontag, 4).
The depiction of a photograph tends to modify notions in the mind. An individual may perceive a story that consists of different objects and or people, the story will remain in a particular form in the mind of absence of a photograph. When the individual observes a photograph on the scenario later, then the notion that was formed in the mind originally changes automatically. The impact of the photo would depict a sense of superiority of the event or an individual. Again, the photograph have targeted objects during their time of creation or presentation. A photograph may consist of several objects but only the focal point matters amongst the observers. In most scenarios, the observers prioritize the central objects on which the photographs emphasize.
As per the descriptions provided in the previous paragraphs, a rational evaluation of a photograph demands transparency. In a practical scenario, consider the photograph of a presidential candidate and analyze the main attributes. In 2008vpresidential elections in the United States, the contents of Obama’s photographs and especially the posters were stunning. Moreover, Obama’s polished picture with his name at the top and the slogan, “Yes We Can” at the bottom had the main impact on the voters. Indeed, photographs have a broad command in influencing notions, imaginations, and the viewing right. Impression is the most important aspect in the sense of sight (Sontag, 6).
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Sontag, Susan. On Photography. New York: Picador [u.a., 2011. Print. Read More
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