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I took two of my friends to participate with me so that I could have company just in case it turned out to be boring. On the contrary, however, the event turned out to be fun though a little bit tiring. They made us walk…
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Lantern Walk I did not know why I attended the Lantern walk but I did. I took two of my friends to participate with me sothat I could have company just in case it turned out to be boring. On the contrary, however, the event turned out to be fun though a little bit tiring. They made us walk all the way to the big A up on the mountain holding the lights. People everywhere were laughing at us and having fun; just as I did too. It was nice to see a crowd of ASU students doing something together. On that day, it was dark and I had this funny feeling that I was going to fall off the mountain; however, that was only a funny imagination I harbored.
I have always been lazy about attending these kinds of event but it turned out to be good for me. I always thought that it was boring and useless, but, indeed it was fun for me. Back home we do not have these sorts of events where all the students in a school go somewhere or do something together. Well, at ASU everything is different and new to me so I liked the experience, but one of my friends did not like it at all. By the end of the event while we were going back down he got a headache, and I blamed myself as being responsible for this, because I had brought him alongside me. At the beginning he didn’t want to come but I spent a few minutes convincing him until he agreed to come with me and my other friend. Well, that was a great day for me, I liked it, and I hope to do it once more.
It was the first time for me to attend a football match because we do not have that back home. I was very nervous on seeing the large number of fans who had turned up for the football match. It was just my friend and I that had attended the game and it was very crowded, so there was a lot of noise coming from all over the stadium. I liked what was going on at first but then it kind of irritated me, so I was planning to leave the match, just 15 minutes after it had begun.
This was my very first experience in a stadium that big and what really a football matched looked like in reality. The experience was very different from what I had seen before on TV. While I was watching the match, I became bored since I do not know the rules of the game or how the game was supposed to be played, so I did not find it that interesting to me. I have always wanted to attend a football match, though I did attend, I am afraid that could be the first and last time for me to attend such a match again.
This is for the sole reason that I am not the kind of a person who likes big crowds of people in addition to too much noise around me. The experience I got made me realize that watching matches is not my type of enjoyment and this being my very first experience did not appeal to me in any way. It is my hope that I will soon find some other sport that I can attend and have fun while watching.
All of that could have been caused by the fact that back at home, we do not have such sports and matches with such a huge number of people cheering and making noise at the stadium. For me that number of people was too much to bear, and back at home, we do not have such. I also think that it is a new thing to me, and being surrounded by too many people not from my country, may also could have something to do with it. Read More
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