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A Reading and Referencing exercise - Essay Example

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Devereux and Wen Fan’s article, “Earning returns to the British education expansion” is relevant to the subject as it talks about British Education System…
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A Reading and Referencing exercise
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Extract of sample "A Reading and Referencing exercise"

Referencing Exercise Referencing Exercise There are six journal articles selected for examining the module, “British Education Past & Present.” Paul J. Devereux and Wen Fan’s article, “Earning returns to the British education expansion” is relevant to the subject as it talks about British Education System between the years 1970-1975. The study from UK education system showed that with the rise of education there was 8% increase in wages seen and percentage of women who received education also increased substantially (Devereuxa & Fanb, 2011). The article, “The returns to Higher Education in Britain: Evidence from the British Cohort” is written by Richard Blundell, Lorraine Dearden, Alissa Goodman and Howard Reed. The article uses British birth cohort panel data to generate an understanding of how education and level of qualifications have an impact on earnings of the person in the long run (Blundell et al., 2000).  The article, “learning styles and academic outcome: The validity and utility of Vermunt’s inventory of learning styles in British Higher education setting” is written by Dr. Elizabeth A. Boyle, Tim Duffy and Karen Dunleavy. The study was conducted in British University and provided examination of how Vermunt’s integrated model of learning provides varied academic results as they are based on the different learning styles (Boyle et al., 2003). Binsardi and Ekwulugo have written an article, “International marketing of British education: research on the students’ perception and the UK market penetration”. The article talks about education in UK and perception of international students about it. Moreover, it provides analysis of UK performance in the market with respect to their education system (Binsardi & Ekwulugo, 2003).  An article by Philip Brown, “The third wave”: education and the ideology of parentocracy “ talks about the different eras of schooling and education system and how children have shifted their priorities based on abilities and efforts to their parents’ wishes and consent resulting from ‘ideology of parentocracy’ (Brown, 1990). The last article relevant to the module is, “Testing the Relationship between Education and Political Participation using the 1970 British Cohort. “Mikael Persson writes the article, and it talks about education system of British Institutes and its effect on political participation. The data is extracted from British cohort study showing how the education system has evolved and how individual’s cognitive ability is being used. However, the study concludes that there was no significant impact of British education system on any political participation (Persson, 2014).
There are four books being used in the module. The first is an e-book by Trevor Corner (2002) titled, “Learning opportunities for adults.” The book talks about the significance of adult education. There are comparisons of the authors self-work in education sector with his colleagues that are present in other countries. The book is relevant as it talks in details the different methods of adult education that were carried in UK that can be used for further learning. The book, “Social Identity and Intergroup Relations” by Henri Tajfel (2010) provides examination of how British education system is perceived, there are details of qualifications of lecturing staff in UK, advantages and disadvantages of British system of education etc. Another book titled, “An introduction to the Study of Education” by David Matheson (2014) explores historical and sociological aspects of British Education with a focus on primary as well as secondary education and lifelong learning. It contains key insights and background of education system in the UK. The last book that can be used for the module is, “What is Quality in Higher Education” by Diana Green (1993). The book contains models from British Higher Education, and the discussions are based on findings from national research project, which was specially designed so that assessment methods of education can be tested for best quality.
List of References
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Tajfel, H., 2010. Social Identity and Intergroup Relations. New York: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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