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Compare and contrast the uk educational system to the educational system in nigeria - Essay Example

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Education is vital and indispensable for human progress across the world as it encourages national transformation, usefulness of liberty and facilitates the growth of economy. Schooling has been the best method of learning exceptional ways to eliminate and eradicate poverty…
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Compare and contrast the uk educational system to the educational system in nigeria
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the uk educational system to the educational system in nigeria"

Download file to see previous pages In UK the academic year is split into autumn, spring and summer and schooling is compulsory to all children between the ages of 5 - 16 years. The framework of education in UK does not have a curriculum for schooling at early ages, but it sets out sensible standards and aims of learning. Discipline is highly tolerated and students are usually effective and efficient in their studies.
Education in Nigeria starts at an early age of pre-school and at the age of six years, pupils are allowed to join primary schools in which they graduate after another six years. Education is compulsory at this level and government of Nigeria usually aid in funding it with parents taking responsibility of purchasing school uniforms. After completion of primary education, pupils are awarded primary school leaving certificates and the best candidates are allowed to advance on with secondary education for six years. Secondary schools in Nigeria are not mixed and are either boy’s secondary school or girl’s school. This essay will encompass the various differences, similarities and conclusions to the education system between Nigeria and United Kingdom (UK) and will feature out the need for a transformed schooling system.
Both systems of schooling are strictly and highly governed by formal British English where students and pupils are taught at an early age on how to communicate with the language and be conversant with it. British English is usually used by facilitators, instructors, teachers and Lecturers to communicate to their students and pupils during class activities, extra curriculum activities and all interactions within school and among its suburbs (Adeolu 2013). In both UK and Nigeria, school phases have similar names and all the stages of education between the two countries possess similarities in their structure.
In both countries, there is a national syllabus to outline all what is supposed to be covered by students in order ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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