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Shifting Genres - Essay Example

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Before that day, the three brothers who were African refugee encountered their first light. A worker in Nairobi performing aid worker had showed them how…
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Shifting Genres
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Download file to see previous pages Peter answered the man by telling him they were going to Fargo in U.S.A. shockingly the man told them that they must be joking because they can not survive in that place since it is too cold. The man laughed, but Peter Dut did not know the reason beyond the laughter.
Having lived at Kakuma refugee camp the boys had not experienced cold climate since Kakuma is 1000C. By that time, the temperature in Fargo had dropped below 150C. The boys had only experienced cold from a frozen bottle of water given to them by aid worker in the refuge camp. Peter and his brothers belong to a number of 10,000 boys in Kakuma refugee camp from Sudan, who went to seek refuge in 1992 during the civil war in the southern part.
The lost boys were given names after Peter Pan’s orphan’s posse. A report from America showed that over 17,000 boys left Sudan and separated from their families in 1987 during the war. They fled to Ethiopia and then back to Sudan then finally to Kenya. They arrived in Kenya parentless, homeless and throng having walked over 1,000 miles. The boys were between the age 8 and 18 from the Dinka tribe. Many of the boys did not know their age and the aid workers gave them ages depending on their sizes. On the way to the camp, the number of boys reduced by half. Most of the boys died on the way because they were attacked by bandits, lions, swept away by river water and others attacked by crocodile.
After living in a camp for 9 years without being governed the three brothers’ decided to move to America. The boys in the refugee camps were sponsored by the UN to study in America while others were to be released to start their own live because after five years they were 21 years. The time when the three brothers were to land in Fargo, snow was flowing in the streets and roads. Later, Peter with his brothers, Riak, 15 and Maduk 17, arrived at their home apartment which was fully furnished by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shifting Genres Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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